In Memory

Thinking today of my nephew

Tomorrow will be the anniversary
of his passing, he was 8 yrs old.

It is really hard to believe that
it has been 24 years.

We learned when he was 4 years
old that he had cancer.
There was a tumor at the
base of his skull and another
at the base of his spine.

Neither could be removed.
Vanderbilt Hospital was awesome
in Sean's care.

He is a pic of him, his brother and 
sister and my kids. 

Back row - left to right
My daughter Amber, 
that is Sean next to her
Next to Sean is Sean's older
brother by 13 months, Chase. 

Bottom row- left to right is
my son Cory and Seans sister

I went with mom today to 
put flowers on his grave. 

While there we also put
some on Dad's grave. 

Lost Dad May 12, 1987.
I was pregnant with Cory.
The only grandchild he knew
was my daughter Amber.

While putting out the flowers
my mom informed me that
lavender was his fav
color...maybe that is
where my love of 
purple came from.

Dad has been gone 30
years now. 

Old pic-
Left to right....
me, my younger brother Mark, 
Dad, Mom and my older
brother Ray. 

1987 was a rough year. I was pregnant and 
at four months my granny left this
world. my husbands grandfather
past in April that yr.
and my dad in May.
We were buying a house.
It was stressful. 

Now back to Sean.
At one point he told his mom
that he did not want to go live
with Jesus. 
She thought for a second and 
told him that Jesus and God 
only wanted the best with 
them and they picked him. 
He thought for a minute and then 
said, " Do you think he will
let me operate the rain button "?

When Sean past there in
Vandy Hospital, at that 
moment if came a downpour...
just a few minutes and then stopped. 

I got my kids through his 
passing by telling them that
Sean was operating the rain
button and every time it
rained they would smile and 
tell me Sean was doing it again.

In 2003 Country songwriter
and singer cut a song the 
song, " Help Pour Out the Rain"...

Oh my gosh, I could not listen to 
that song for a long time.

I met Buddy Jewel a few yrs ago
and was able to tell him about
Sean and wanting to work
the rain button. 

Here is Buddy's song. 
Sorry, I have no clue how to load
a video other then this way.

thanks for stopping in, 


Rhodesia said…
Time so often seems like yesterday. I 'lost' my brother many years ago while I was just a teenager and I still find it hard to believe. Take care Diane
Sharon Qualls said…
That's sad, I'm sorry for your loss and this sadaversary.
Liz A. said…
How sad. And I think we all have "those" years. Ones where we lose so many. Glad yours is in the past.

There are a couple ways to embed videos. One: if you click on that clapboard-looking thingy (between the picture and the emoji), it gives you a way to load the link to use.

The way I usually do it, though, is to go on YouTube and click on "embed". It gives a few choices. I pick the Blogger icon. Then I copy the HTML code from the pop up window that appears and paste it to the HTML tab in the post I'm writing.

The first way is way easier, I suspect.
Ann Thompson said…
What a sad yet sweet story about Sean.
Denise inVA said…
A very touching post Pam. Always in our hearts.
Debbie said…
it must be so hard to think about death when one is so young. to be able to understand it. i don't like going to the cemetery but i am always happy once i leave, that i have gone. it feels good to remember loved ones and to visit their final resting spot!!
Darla M Sands said…
Wow. I am so sorry for that tragic loss. And what a tough year for you in '87! ~hugs~ Thank you for the concern. All is well. Hope you are feeling great!
Rain said…
That's a very nice tribute Pam.
Sandra said…
it is so sad when a child dies, and that grief never leaves. I loved the rain button story.. bob and I often talk about those gone before. he has no one left of his family of 7, but him, all his siblings and their spouses are gone, I have a brother and his wife and kids and all my dad's siblings, 7 and their spouses are gone, plus 4 of my first cousins are gone to.. no aunts no uncles all gone..
Red Rose Alley said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew, Sean. This is such a lovely post to remember him. Sending comforting thoughts to you tonight, Pam.


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