Round and About on Friday

 When I was about 16 I
wanted a pearl ring for
Now, the funny thing is
that I am not big on
pearls anymore but I 
remember wanting one so 
I did get it for Christmas.
I have been unable to 
wear it for so many years.

Until dropping 65 lbs. 

I also have a birthstone ring
I bought around the same
time from Service
Merchandise. I wore
it for the first time the
other day.
Not home right now or
there would be a pic
of that also. 

Home/bird/dog sitting again
for my brother. This time
only till Sunday. 

Was unable to make the visitation
for Katie yesterday, she is the 
daughter of a lady I went
to school with. 

But I was able to make this
mornings visitation for
Cindy's cousin. So sad.
Cindy has had so much going on
in her life, I am worried about

After that and before packing
for the weekend I went
by Wally World to pick up
my new glasses.

Here is me in my prescribe 
sunglasses. I wear these
all the time.

And this is me in my old
glasses. I have been wearing
these for 6 yrs. Got them
before I became a diabetic 
and even with that my eyes
have not changed.
Now I am a diabetic but no
meds, under control with 

And here are my new ones.
I love them.
Bigger, purple on top,
tan on bottom.
Fun sort of glasses.

HAHA...and I showed these
the other day...
my woodworking safety 

Sitting at a light with 
my camera in hand.
This is what hangs from
my mirror.

The hummingbird is a mirror
charm that came from 
one of my best friends, Debbie.
Hanging down lower is 
my angel that Mama Jo
gave me once a couple
years before she past.
That was Debbie's mom.
And a prism from a lamp
that mom gave me, it dropped
off when I was bringing it 
home so I just hung
it up.

What hangs from your mirror in the

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Ann Thompson said…
I think I was about 16 when I bought myself a pearl ring. It had one white and one black pearl. I still have it but my fingers were seriously skinny back then.
Nothing is hanging from my mirror
Sharon said…
For reasons I shall not divulge, I do not wear pearls. Haven't for years. I have a beautiful birthstone ring, can't wear it, it's way too big. Most of my rings are too large. They used to fit. :(

I need to go for a new Rx and get new glasses. Glad for you that you got new ones.

Nothing hangs on the rear view mirror - I no longer have a car. :)

Jeanie said…
I have a parking monkey -- a little sock money -- sitting on the rearview mirror, vs. hanging on it. I love your ring and it's exciting that you can wear it now!
Lady Jane said…
Ha ha, love the bunny with the glasses! Like your glasses and I am so glad you wear safety glasses. I have done some woodworking and never wore them cause they were too big and floppy. Those look lke they fit really well. I have a pearl ring with matching necklace and earrings and I never ever wear them. I am thinking of giving them to my granddaughter so she can enjoy them now. Hugs, LJ
Love your pearl ring - it really is pretty, and you must be so excited to be wearing it again after your phenomenal weight loss. So good that you are taking care of yourself and don't need the meds. Your glasses are so cute on you. I have one of those scent trees on my mirror. Haha. I need to upgrade, I think. Love your keepsakes. xx Karen
Rain said…
I love all the glasses! You really look cute in them. I hope your pet-sitting goes well! Ours have finally all settled down a little and even the alpha females are getting along and sleeping in the same bed! Woohoo! Took a week, which isn't that bad. I can't hang anything on the mirror in the car because I find it terribly distracting. And also, the dogs would get at it I'm sure! :)
Darla M Sands said…
All cute glasses. So glad you can wear the rings again. I might not have though to try. Hope those who've lost loved ones can find hope and happiness.

As for hanging anything from my rear view mirror, I have a weird aversion to swinging objects that began in childhood for some mysterious reason. Strange as it sounds, the anxiety is rare but I am not alone. Thank heaven for the Internet in that sense, for sure. And I suffer less than many. My issue has peaks and valleys, for one thing, and I don't have dread over necklaces (!) such as some folks suffer. My partner once thought I was going to have a stroke upon seeing me round a corner in a new local grocery store and confront a wildly swinging sign hanging from the ceiling. I feel minor creeps just in the recall. When I must shop there I wear a hat and keep my head down. :D Wild, huh? Be well. ~hugs~ Hope you're feeling well today.
MadSnapper said…
I really like the way your work glasses look, who knew you could be pretty while working. your new prescription look great, I like the two different colors of frame. good job on all your glasses.. I had 3 pretty rings but they were stolen and I never replaced them. when I retired I stopped wear rings because I don't go anywhere to dress up. I wear a silver ring as a wedding band when I go out and another silver ring on the other hand but have no jewels at all.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, you are doing great at keeping the diabetes under control. I wish my hubby would do the same. I like your sunglasses, I wear prescription sunglasses too. You do look cute in all the glasses. I hope all goes well with the pet sitting. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!
NanaDiana said…
Love your glasses. You look GOOD in glasses...not everyone does, you know! I like the bi-colored frame, too!

I am glad you are able to wear your rings again and congratulations on the weight loss. That is never an easy task, is it?

I have a 'necklace' that my daughter-in-love made for me and it has become my good luck charm. Also hanging there is my VA Volunteer parking pass and the Tri-state tollway electronic pass. lol

Have a great upcoming week. xo Diana

ps.if you have time stop by my blog and say a little prayer for my son-in-law's upcoming cancer surgery.....
Debbie said…
you are such a pretty lady, lookin' good in those sunglasses!!

diabetes, not fun, it's good you are able to control that with diet, many cannot. it seems you are very dedicated to your diet, something i am NOT good at!!! i don't eat junk or candy at all but i can't give up my bread, pasta and potatoes!!!

i like your new layout here, it's neat and clean!!! i know there is more i want to say, but when i leave a comment, i can't look up and review what i just read as it's gone. only the other comments are present. i like when i can glance up and scan the post itself, it reminds me of things i wanted to say and have already forgotten!!!!!

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