Fall Decorations

I decorated yesterday for 

I got these at Target a couple
years ago for a little bit
of nothing! 

Here are the 2x4 wooden pumpkins
I decorated with scrapbook 
paper. The pumpkin in the center
actually has a face on it so
until Oct. 1, I have the face
turned around to the wall.

Here are the two material pumpkins
I stuffed and made.

And here is the BIGGEST one 
I made the other night. 

I put the BIGGEST one on
the kitchen table.

I made this one a bit differently
then the others since it
was so BIG.

Laid it out this way and 
then I sewed the sides 

Another pumpkin with the face
pointing to the wall.

Took this pic at the Redneck Rumble 
the other day. 
The last of the summer blooms
looking a bit like they
have seen better days.

This baby was

Speaking of BIG....
I posted a pic of the 
BIG chair the other day and
said I had my pic taken 
in it. 
I asked my cousin to text
the pic to me today...
I have lost weight but
I really look 
in this chair!


really does help!

I used to keep bubble
wrap in my desk and 
when stressed I would
pull it out and pop it.

One day after changing
jobs and moving to 
the Tennessee Bureau 
of Investigation
I pulled my bubble
wrap out to pop.....

and realized that maybe it
was not a good idea, 
working in a room with 
about 10 folks that carry
guns, I probably did not 
need to pop

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann said…
I like all your fall decorations. I got a couple things out but not much yet. I have a hard time letting go of summer...lol
I'm cracking up over your in that chair.
Denise inVA said…
Wow! I applaud you getting into that chair. Looks so high off the ground :) Love your pumpkin and decorative touches, the fabric ones are great. Popping bubble wrap with all those guns around, no not a good idea, lol!
Jan said…
Beautiful autumn photos Pam...love your talented handmade decorations!
Sadly the flowers are beginning to fade.
You do look tiny in that huge chair...so cute!
Bubble wrap is fun and relaxing to pop...but I do believe you made the right decision to let it go hile at a job where guns are worn :)

Have a great day ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ’ฎ
Darla M Sands said…
What a fun post. You're so creative. My partner is nudging me to start decorating for Halloween. Honestly, I'm exhausted just thinking of hauling up all those boxes. ~grin~ The story at the end made me chuckle. You're a smart lady, too. Could you have announced to the room that you were going to pop bubble wrap? Now, the stuff is hard to find. I guess that's where fidget spinners can come in, maybe. Be well!
Sharon Qualls said…
You know what makes a loud report? Those air pillows that Amazon uses.

Did you use a ladder to get into that chair?
Sandra said…
Haha on the bubble wrap at the TBI. I would love to work with law enforcement or would have when I was younger any kind anything that was connected. My favorite pumpkins are the ones from Target in the first photo those are really pretty. You did a great job on the big stuffed pumpkin and they are really cute you are now ready for fall. All I want for Autumn is for our temperatures to go below 90 and stay there way below like 75
Rain said…
Hi Pam! I LOVE your homemade pumpkins! What a great idea! And I can't wait to see the faces that are doomed to the wall for now lol...You look great in that chair!!! :)
Jeanie said…
Love your Target finds but really love the ones you made most!
Liz A. said…
You should have given your coworkers some bubble wrap. Then it might not have been an issue :-O

That reminds me. I should get to crocheting the mini pumpkins again...
Rhodesia said…
Wow that chair is huge. Great sot glad you got a copy of it. Take care Diane
Billie Jo said…
Love your fall decorations!!!!
So cozy!!!
Red Rose Alley said…
Your Fall decorations are delightful, Pam. It's fun to decorate our homes for Fall. Wow, that is a big sunflower. They are such a pretty flower, even when they're wilting from the heat. This is a cute picture of you sitting on the BIG CHAIR. You're a trooper for sure. : )


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