Christmas Ornaments

I started in Jan. making
cross stitch ornaments for 
the family. 

But....with my Fibro, surgery and 
then Lily I have not worked
on them in a while. 

So....some will get cross stitch 
and some will get others.
Next year I hope to get cross
stitch ones for the ones that
don't get them this yr.

It is hard with Lily, she wants
to attack the thread as I work. daughter loves
Paris so this is her
ornament this yr.

My great nephew Cole.
He loves emjoi's.

Cole's mom and dad, love
Vanderbilt football. 
The anchor is for 
Anchor Down.

Dakota and Lily....
yes, my fur babies get an ornament.

Although while putting Hodge
Podge on Lily's to seal it...
I messed it up and had
to redo her's.

My future son in law and his
boys are into football.
This is his and three sons. 
I still have Namath's to do.

I have been busy! I still have a few more
to go. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
I am not ready to think about Christmas yet, but I don't go all out either, so have at it and keep up the good work!
Rhodesia said…
You never cease to surprise me with the fantastic things you make. Take care Diane
Nasreen said…
How awesome that you can create these things.
Sandra said…
Super duper ornaments and my favorite is the one for Hamburg that is so beautiful. It would be nice on a tree or just hanging on the wall or in A-frame somewhere
Jeanie said…
The tag ornaments are loads of fun! I love the Paris one most!
Rain said…
The ornaments are lovely! For a long time I refused to acknowledge all holidays. I guess it had to do with how I just wasn't happy with my life at all, I never wanted to celebrate a single thing! Now though, I've found happiness and I really go all out for every holiday! I've got Halloween on the brain right now, but Christmas will be there soon enough! :)
Those are really cute!
Sally said…
You're a wonder, Pam. I love those ornaments! I hope you're ok today (since you posted this yesterday, and I'm just now getting around). xoxo
Ann Thompson said…
Great ornaments.
Liz A. said…
It's only September. There's still time... (Yeah, I've not started on any Christmas stuff. It might not happen this year...)

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