Cat Litter

When I first got Lily the rescue
place where I got her from 
was using Tidy Cats litter, 
I just went with that.

I did not like the smell of it.
I think it was 24/7 that I had

Once that was finished I went
This was a lot better with smell. The 
issue was that when she
jumped out of the box litter
stayed in her paws and went 

Next I tried this.
I love it. 
Smell is good.
It has finer litter and 
Lily don't drag it all over
the place.
Issue with this one is
that being fine it takes more
product to cover the area in the

So while at the store last night
I looked at others
and picked this.

It is Tidy Cats again but
it has Glade scent. I am
still working on the last one
so I have not opened this one 
yet. I am sure the issue will 
be the fact that it is not
fine and she will be
dragging it all over again. 

that is what a broom and dustpan 
is for. 

 Who knew that picking litter would
be an issue for me?
not me for sure since
I never thought I would
have a cat!

On that note....Dakota has started
something that he has never

Eating cat....shi.....

Keep in mind I have cut back
his food and his treats and apparently
dogs can smell the food in the 

Now what to do?
Well I fixed him today!

I put the baby gate up at 
the bathroom door, just propped
it up with a small opening to the side.
Lily has to walk over the vacuum 
to go in....haha and Dakota 
will not go anywhere close to 
the vac!

He has not been in the bathroom

Now back to litter,
remember back some time ago
I blogged about using the plastic
protein mix containers for 
dropping litter in so that 
I did not keep scooping it up 
and using shopping bags to 
throw it out?
That did not work, when I 
took the lid off the smell would
knock you down. 
Threw out those containers.
What a waste!
But I did find these little 
plastic bags at the dollar store
that you throw dirty
diapers away in.

They are something like this.

Only I gave $ 1 for 75 of

I scoop up the litter and 
throw it away in there, I sit that behind
the john and when it is filled
I then tie it up and throw
it out. Saves on bags and works 
great cause they have a powder 
smell to them. 

Holly, my niece came in from 
Knoxville for the long weekend. 
She has yet to meet Lily so she
is coming over this evening to
meet her. 

I miss seeing Holly on a regular 
basis but she loves Knoxville
after living there for 4 yrs 
going to school.
She has a real job now and 
is doing great. 


Sharon Qualls said…
You might seriously consider toilet training her. No mess, no odor and no poo stealing. If I could have a cat again, I would go that way.
Sally said…
Since I'm allergic to cats, I can't really imagine anything about cat litter. LOL

However, where I once lived there was a neighbor that asked me several time to feed her cat when she'd be out of town. We got along great as long as I didn't linger there. :)

That's a great photo of you and Holly. Enjoy your visit.

Liz A. said…
I never liked cleaning out the cat litter. Good luck finding the solution that works for you.
Weekend-Windup said…
I don't like cat since it's hair fall in the house everywhere. It is a very big task to train them...
Ann said…
The kitty litter treats was what I hated about having a dog and a cat at the same time. And then said dog would want to come and give me puppy kisses? I don't think
They have mats that you can put under the litter box so the cat steps out on that and it catches the litter stuck in their paws.
Cathy Kennedy said…

Thanks for stopping by yesterday for a little boogie session! Keeping a litter box clean is such a headache and the smell...phew! We haven't had a cat in years. When I got pregnant with our first, we gave our kitty to a good friend who is a huge cat lover. As it turned out I was allergic to cats and didn't know it until after she was gone. I missed her but I felt tremendously better. Someday I'd like to get an outdoor cat but that's not going to happen any time real soon. Best of luck in finding the right litter that works for you and your cat! I'll see ya around the blogging block!
Sandra said…
Yet another very interesting Cat Tale for me since I have never been owned by a cat... never thought about the litter issues. now I know I will not have one...although when it rains and dogs out out, I might wish he was a cat
Jeanie said…
I think every cat likes different litter too -- probably for how it feels in the feet. Lizzie has developed an annoying habit of thinking outside the box -- right outside, like six-eight inches -- once a week. Let's say that portions of my basement floor have never been washed as much!

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