Another This, That and the Other Post

Good morning blogging friends!
For those of you not in the wake
of Irma I hope that you are
able to find something to
laugh at today.

Florida folks you are in my
thoughts and I am watching the
news....please do all  you can
to stay safe. 

Two nights in a row I cooked.
I see some of you shanking your
heads and saying you cook
all the time. 
I do not. 

(last night dinner)

I cooked every night when I had
kids living here but when they
moved out years ago I realized
that I did not have to do that...
unless the notion hit me.
I made a BIG pot of
chili the night before and 
the meal above last night.

But this is what happens when
you don't focus....
and you decided to go sit 
on the deck.

This was water!

And this is a metal piece that
was on the bottom of that pan.

This is what happens to a potholder
when I tried to remove that metal 

Moving on to sunflower seeds form
almost catching the kitchen on fire!

Who eats these things?
Do you?

Well I have since I was a young teen.
One of my older and best friends
and I would walk to the store,
buy a couple of bags....eating 
them all the way home.

Yep, I love the ones you have to open!

This is the kind Barb and I used to get.
Loved them.

Recently though I found these below.

So I compared the two. I had in my mind
that David and Son's were the best until I 
tried them together.
David and Son's are plump seeds and 
plumper meat inside.
But saltier than I remember.
Frito Lay's are not near as
fat and plumb but they actually have
a better taste. Still pretty salty.

Went to Walgreens the other day
and picked up these. Never had them
and was not at all sure what I was getting.


Salted but very little. Not plump like
David and Son's but the taste is great.
More seeds that actually have nothing
in them once you open them but...
I really enjoyed these
better than the other two.
Loving the not so salty bit.

You see I have an addicting personality.
I find something I like, and I wear it out.
Like the sugarless popsicle I was
eating after surgery. I could finish
a box in two days.
Sunflower seeds are my KICK now. 
Soon I will move to something else.
Good thing I never decided to do drugs...
I probably would have kicked the bucket 
before now.

Did a 615 Rock drop yesterday when mom
and I went out.

Hoping someone picked this up 
and smiled! I rushing it a bit?

Nope, I am ready. 
Leaves are getting lighter on the trees, 
some are turning and falling and 
Nashville is enjoying temps 
in the mid 70's!

The plaque above I made the other day.
I used a leaf from an old
table that I took apart.

See the leaf hanging there?

The drawer I used for something else!
Will dig up a pic of that to
show later.

I did run across this pic though.
This was last yr. 
Nope...I have not unpacked my
fall stuff yet but I am
thinking of doing that....

Look what I just found when 
I went to get creamer for my

Who puts peanut butter
in the fridge?
NOT me....unless by mistake!

Laid down on the guest bed
the other day and looked
up...loving the 
chandelier that Theresa (friend)
I hung. 

I do have a question 
for you bloggers that have

When it comes time to put
up a Christmas tree, how do 
you keep your kitten/cat
out of it?

Wanted to share these with you.
My younger brother can make
some of the coolest things.

First off....
I started taking paint classes 
when I was 42. I took them 
for five years. It was a great
way to get together with other
artist and enjoy an evening of
wine, snacks, laughs and 
Anyway, the first yr I 
started when my Bday rolled
around I got this from my
younger brother.
Made for just some metal
pieces and things he had laying
Its me painting!

He cut a pic out of a magazine and 
applied it here.

So love this.

Another year I got this.


Now is that not some 
cool stuff?

One year he picked these dogs at
Hobby Lobby.

Took them home and painted them
red. Kim, wife, looked at it
and said it looked like a hot dog
so he put mustard on it!

I liked it so he gave it to me.
I love his creative side!

Okay, for now, I will end this
FINALLY! more thing...
I got the results to a fibroscan
(liver scan) yesterday...
and apparently I am not
out of the woods yet.
They still picked up minimal 
fat in the liver (that is good)
but still showing some hard 
places that have not healed..
those places are what go into
cirrhosis of the liver.
I have to do another six
months of a low fat diet,
cutting out carbs and go back
in six months for another scan.
Yep....I was not pleased with 
this news. It is better but I was
hoping for more. 
Oh....well, life goes on.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
I did laugh, I do not think it is fair to have two talented artist in one family, I love the cat in the tree, and I love sunflower seeds in shell or out... I have to check and see if they are on my healthy nuts list. I love cashews but they are a no no.
Sandra said…
the answer is they are good because they have things we need
This is because sunflower seeds are a good source of selenium, which is a proven enemy of cancer. They contain bone-healthy minerals. Besides calcium, your bones need magnesium and copper to stay strong. Sunflower seeds have both these minerals. NO I can't eat them.
A cup of sunflower seeds is four times the normal serving size of 1/4 cup, according to Calorie King, and contains 745 calories. A full cup of the seeds contains 98 percent of your total fat allowances, or over 63 g
Sharon Qualls said…
I have never seen a pot come apart like that. You're lucky the house didn't catch!
When you cook like that, you must have lots for the freezer for later!
Sunflower seeds - way too salty for me!
Your sign is cool, but so was the table ...
Such nice stuff your brother made. Love the "Artist."
Sorry your test didn't come back better, maybe next time. Take care of yourself!
Pilar said…
Lovely pictures! I live in South Carolina and we're in Irma's path, but the storm keeps changing routes. I'm hoping and praying for the best for all those involved. Sending positive vibes and Wishing you good health!
Rhodesia said…
Creative family obviously. I also love sunflowers but they are not so easy to get here except by the sackful for the birds to eat!!! Have a good Sunday Diane
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Sorry to hear about your test results. Our diet is so laden with cheese and comfort food...I don't know how I'd do it. Oh my, you burned water..may I giggle? Lol...sorry about your potholder though! I left a pot of cinnamon/nutmeg on and forgot about it...did the same thing with the pot, STUNK. Not the "fall fragrance" I was after at all! I love the metal art!

Btw, I don't know how we do it. We have 3 cats. They go after the lower decorations, but they've never tried to climb the tree. We have real trees to, so you'd think they'd be interested in the smell being indoor cats. We try to barricade around the tree as much as we far so good!
Sally said…
Yes, those test results don't sound good, but keep the faith, Pam (I'll be praying)

My daughter was the "nut" eater in the family, until they had to remove her colon. She sure did love them though.

I have no cats (probably told you, I'm allergic) but I do love watching their antics through the "screen". :)

Liz A. said…
Sunflower seeds are evil. I like to eat them just fine (well, I hate shelling them, but otherwise...). But when I see kiddos try to eat them in class I hit the ceiling. I cannot tell you how many times I find that they left a mess of them behind. Usually all over the floor around where they were sitting. Ugh.
Love, Love, LOVE the 'hot dog'!!
As for sunflower seeds, I used to chomp on them by the handful but haven't had any for so long, I almost forget what they taste like. Right now, my food 'fetish' is Rice Krispie the salt, me the sugar. Bad going either way.

And, the peanut butter...yes, I put it in the refrigerator. Kinda have to here where there is 90 per cent humidity year 'round. lol Or it's get moldy all too quickly.
Ann Thompson said…
With it just being me and my husband we don't always cook. Sometimes its just sandwiches. I've never been a big fan of sunflower seeds

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