Another Commissioned Piece Done/Porch Decoration/ Pumpkin Plaque

Two days of painting and 
Melissa's second requested
piece is done.

Also went ahead and threw this
together for my niece.
She will not close on her
new condo till Nov. but
this is ready for her front

I had a couple of fencing pieces
that I cut the tops off of and 
made two of these pumpkins.
I will attach a wire to the 
back for hanging.

And then there is this piece.
Made this for my front

Dakota, he was just hanging
out while I crafted today.

Since it was such a pretty
day today with some amazing
fall like temps, I left
the back door open so
Lily could come and 
go all day. 
She loves the screened
in deck. 
Here she was watching the 
birds in the trees over
the creek.

She saw me watching her so
she had to look my way!

when painting be really, really
careful about dipping your
paint brush in your.....

when it should be dipped
in your water!

yep, had only taken one sip
of that cup of coffee.

Thanks for stopping in.


Denise inVA said…
I like your creations Pam, and Dakota and Lily are always adorable.
Sharon Qualls said…
You're good if you didn't drink after you dipped. Ha Ha.
Sandra said…
ROFL at the coffee episode. love the pet pics and your porch decorations are wonderful. I am loving those candy jar thingys you are making
Darla M Sands said…
I am having fun envisioning you so engrossed in painting that you chose the wrong cup. Artists like yourself are so cool.
Jeanie said…
Your Halloweenies are really cute. Ah yes, the old paint-in-the-coffee hang-up! No coffee for me but I've done much the same with other beverages!
Sally said…
Love these, Pam! Lily is a hoot. :)

Liz A. said…
I'm always paranoid I'm going to make a mistake like dipping a paintbrush in new coffee. Eeek.

Isn't it nice to get projects done? And it's not too early. At least the L is ready to go.
Ann Thompson said…
Love all your projects and I'm laughing like crazy about the paint brush in your coffee
The Yum List said…
Oh no, paintbrush in the coffee cup - that's something I would do!
Rhodesia said…
Beautiful pieces. Well done. Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
That is the cutest picture of Lily looking out the window. I think it could be a Pinterest picture. : )


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