9/11 - Hodge Podge - Leaves

Today on the way back to 
my brothers home from mine
I counted 15 flags flying...
yet I remember the flags that
flew in the days after 9/11.
The messages on signs outside
of stores and business'.
We all need to continue to 


Bless the heros that day and 

Today I dropped a rock
at Dollar General 
out near my brothers home.
Rock dropping has become
a big thing in TN.
Esp. at 615 Rocks on 

Check your area on FB.
Your area code and the word

Although I am hanging at my
brothers house this week I
went home today to mess
around and gather more
craft stuff to bring here
to work on.

I usually take my curtains down
in the summer and only leave the 
lace ones up. In the winter I 
put my other ones back up.
I hung them a couple weeks 
ago (wow, before time...amazing)..
I kept telling myself I needed
to go dig out the tie backs but
decided against it.
I have a beaded necklace I made
years ago and have not worn
in years...
that is my new tie back.
Usually I tie them back on each
side, now I will have it on just 
the one.

There again usually the blinds are
open so Lily can veg in the sun.
Since we are not hanging at home
I have them closed.

I noticed this in the 
front yard.
On my ride back to Ray's
I noticed the trees.
Getting lighter in color,
yellow and I even saw some

Last night Lily was 
posing so nicely in
the hall chair.

You would think that these
two stayed so busy and 
worked hard yesterday.

Dakota was on the chair, Lily
got tired so she jumps up
next to him.

every time cause the pic
below was taken later.

This girl has guts.
Oakley is a big boy yet
it don't scare Lily.

Last week I went to 
the Tractor Supply store and
I saw these on sale.
Kept telling myself I did
not need them...
but for 12 bucks I 
went back today and got
them anyway.

This - House Leeks- 
not the common name started
to bloom. Usually within a week later
it gets cool.
True to itself, today's high 68!

Always and adventure staying at Ray's...
later todays story.

Thanks for stopping in,  


Liz A. said…
I'm jealous of your cooler weather. We're at a high of 91 today.

Did you know there's a window thingy for cats? You stick it to a window, and it's big enough for the cat to be in so the cat can look out.
Sharon Qualls said…
Lily has the 'queen' position all figured out.

Chilly - and damp today, Brr!
Ann Thompson said…
The rock thing seems to be wearing off here. I haven't seen many posted on FB for quite a while. Love your new boots
roth phallyka said…
We're at a high of 91 today.

Debbie said…
i LOVE the boots, you could always use them as a planter on the front porch. it's a cute look. it's fall here, crisp and cool and i am enjoying the weather!!!
Red Rose Alley said…
I just did an update post on the storm in Georgia. Nel is ok, and they had rain and gusts of wind all day, but it had calmed down once it reached the Atlanta area. Now Nashville, TN is getting rain?

I love that turquoise rock you made. The leaves are starting to turn in your area. I can tell Autumn is coming here too. It's supposed to be cooler this week. Those are the cutest rain boots. Jess wanted some cute rain boots, but haven't seen any around.

Hello there Dakota and Lily. : ) Stay warm with all that rain that's coming.

Red Rose Alley said…
Yes, BIG jewelry is really in right now. The girls love to wear the big necklaces and even earrings. That is a cute picture of you and your cousins. Those old pictures are such treasures. Isn't Joann's the best place to shop? I just went there the other day. They have lots of Fall goodies.

baili said…
People here in my homeland also celebrated silent prayerful moments in the memory of victims of that accident Pam.

I really loved the photo of leaves from your front yard ,beautiful observation!

I also liked the idea of beaded tie for curtains
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I will never forget Sept 11, 2001. I like your tie back, very cute. The furbabies are all adorable. I miss having a dog! The boots are cute! It is cooler here too, already feels like fall. Have a happy day!
Jeanie said…
Rock dropping here, too. Scary.

Lily is getting big!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :)) I LOVE the boots! I was a teenager in the 80's and I think I had leopard pants, shirts, a hat and shoes lol...it was really big, the animal print thing! I still love them. Your pets are ADORABLE. I love the photos! One of our cats, Oscar, he's fearless around all the dogs. Charlie, our husky is huge, she weighs about 80 pounds and Oscar just cuddles next to her. Sometimes we have to watch to make sure she doesn't turn over on him!

Our trees are starting to turn beautiful colours as well, I just LOVE autumn!!!
Rhodesia said…
Love those boots, right up my street :-) Yes the laves are dropping their leaves and the temperatures are going down. I wish I could just hide away and hibernate until next spring. I hate the cold. Take care Diane

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