TOTAL Eclipse

I left my last post with this

Letting you all know that I was
ready for what was taking
place today.

A friend and I drove a bit
up the road, 1.5 hours to 
Granville TN
for the actual
TOTAL Eclipse. 

We got there early since
we had NO CLUE
what we would be facing
with traffic and people.

It was smooth sailing....

Walked around Granville
which is a historical 
town and has 
less then 2000 folks
in it. 

Only place I know that you 
can actually stand in the
middle of the street and 
not get run over.

Nope....we did not check out the 
saloon....a bit early for a drink!

However we did walk to the park
that sets on the river.

What a beautiful place.

Fall comes I think I am coming back..
the reflection of the trees on that
water was amazing...
I can just see the fall colors bouncing
off that water!

While sitting there in some chairs I
kept seeing some really
fish jumping out of the 
Although my trigger
snapping finger
is a bit to slow to catch 

Local church in the center
of town had a guest 

There is a cool museum that 
tells the story of the town.

I stepped in to catch this shot.

Flowers all over town.

Flags on all the telephone polls.

The General Store.

Signs on and around the General Store.

About 11 we headed to the local
diner for lunch.

After lunch we 
picked our spot and 
Theresa got set up with 
her cameras. And I took 
a seat on the bench with my
camera in hand.

Issue being....neither her or I thought
about the cameras and needing 
a special filter for our Nikons.
By the time we thought of it,
it was to late to locate a filter. 

Although Apple said the Iphones were
good to go.
With that said, mine would not
catch anything!

Anyway....the wait began!

T and two mins counting.

And it begins.

It was fun watching 
everyone else.


Played around with my Iphone
and got this shot...

Only when the moon covered
the sun could you look
up without glasses....
and use the Nikon without
a filter.

This is the shot I got.

I thought it was going to get
dark in steps, but it did not
work that way. It got dark
all at once, when the moon
covered the sun.

Strange, dusk at 1:30 in
the afternoon.

The aftermath on I40
on the way home.
Went through Wilson Co. and 
the fair is going on.
A special event for the 
eclipse took place there
and we got caught up in 
that traffic.

After getting home and 
picking up the fur babies
at mom's I got home to
remove my hat.
and kind of liking this 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Nice area up there. Excellent event shot! Don't think I would have cared for the drive home ... just saying.
How fun, Pam! You got an awesome shot there! We watched through a pinhole device. It was amazingly wonderful. We had a 86% partial eclipse. Love the pretty lake that you visited. ♥
Sally said…
I'm glad you were able to make trip, and have a wonderful time it appears.

Yes, great shot, Pam. We were in darkness for a while, couldn't see a thing so I'm glad you were able to.

Darla M Sands said…
It's always a joy to share your adventures. Thank you. Be well!
Sandra said…
it was worth the trip just to see the town, these are beautiful shots of the town and people and i love the rocker with the flag. the buildings in the dark are pretty amazing....
Liz A. said…
How cool! And you got to go at a good time, too. We only got to 62%, and peak was in the 10 AM hour. Looks like you had a great day.
Rhodesia said…
Love all these photos nice to see around where you live. All the best Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
Wow, you got some awesome pictures, Pam. In California where I live, it didn't get completely dark, but I noticed the weather outside and how strange it was getting darker in the morning hours. I didn't have the solar sunglasses, so didn't look up at the sky at all. But today, the weather was peculiar, and the sun was shining through the clouds brighter than ever. It was beautiful. That was so nice that you shared the day with a friend. I bet that made it all the more fun.

Jeanie said…
Splendid photos and a fun time. You saw far more of the eclipse than I did! Good for you!

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