Still House Sitting

I have been house sitting for my
brother and sis in law for years.

Vacations, racing trips, or
business trips. 

At one point I had 4 or 5 dogs,
2 ferrets, 2 to 3 horses, a rabbit,
a cat, bird, and fish. 

It is narrowed down over the
years to me just watching
4 dogs. From time to time
I will look in on my nieces 
cats and sometimes I
sit with her little dog while
I am here sitting for my

Thought you would like to meet
the babies I am sitting for.


2nd oldest

the youngest

rescue, not sure of her age.

and Moose
the oldest
he went with Ray and Lori to
visit her mom. 

Ms. Lola
Lori's bird

Ray's bird..

It is always and interesting time
sitting here. 

This is week is no difference.
We have a lot of rain this
weekend. The other day we had
several down pours.
Apparently the roof Ray 
had put on was 
faulty so it has started
leaking. I mopped up
a couple of puddles that 
The shower is a fancy 
thing with four or five
heads and knobs. When I took
a shower the first day I
must have tuned the one
that operates the temp 
while trying to turn it off. 
So the next day I could not
get hot water! 
My bad!
I went on an errand the other
the day I went out and 
when I came back I found
that one dog had gotten sick so
I had to clean that up..
The other morning I woke
and Oakley the biggest
dog was stuck under the king
size really heavy bed.
I finally encouraged him
to actually crawl out. He pulled
and he pushed but he made it!
While changing out Lola's water
she proceeded to push her way
out of the door and bit me but
while leaning over her TJ who was
sitting on top of her cage pecked
my head! 

But the dogs are great. 
And I love waking in the morning
to feed the deer. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Darla M Sands said…
You are a trooper. ~hugs~ Your service is invaluable. We lost our cat sitter years ago when she decided to quit the business. I was in a panic until finding a wonderful couple through our vet's office. They aren't young, so I'm hoping their kids or grandkids keep it up when they retire. ~grin~ Selfish? Maybe.
Rhodesia said…
Sounds like you are enjoying the house sitting but not good that the one dog bit you!!! Please take care Diane
Sally said…
You've been busy, and how nice that you sit for your brother and sis-in-law. :)

I'm not a real dog person, but my daughter's dog (Hopper Henry, a weiner dog) of course is here. He's a good dog, and getting old as we've noticed grey in his whiskers. It's really gonna be bad when he leaves this world; Patti has had him many years and he was especially loved by Ben, my grandson who died. :(

Sandra said…
I would love the dogs but no bird sitting. this must seem easy since it is only 4 dogs and 2 birds compared to the past sitting.. I love all four pups, I love big dogs and these fit the bill. in fact if it has fur and four legs I love it..
WOW what a great sister you are. The dogs are like family and we always want them safe and sound. I have a friend that dogs sits for me and they love her.

Enjoy your time.

Sharon Qualls said…
Somehow, the rain missed us, I don't understand it.
That poor dog, stuck under the bed!
Ann Thompson said…
Sounds like it's never a dull moment
Liz A. said…
Wow, the birds are mean.

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