Shot Glass Holder

My daughter collects shot glasses.
She informed me the other day 
that she has run out of room on 
her rack/holder.

So for part of her bday gift...
(not till mid December) I made
her one. 

Started with wood I had here at the house
Cut 4 boards 16 inches long.
Put them together making a square
then with 3 boards cut to size to fit
inside the frame I had it done. pics along the way!
Never think about that till its to late.

With an old cloth and a sponge brush I
stained it.

Rubber gloves to keep from getting 
stain all over my hands and a jar
of Dark Walnut stain. 

Painted the stain on and then wiped it off with 
the old cloth.

After I finished putting this together I took some thin
wood I had from another project and tacked it on
with my staple gun. This gives the shelves a lip so
that the glasses will not slide off. 

Not the best pic below but this is to show the lip!


Yes, I know that I am early but I bought
her first bday gift back in Jan. and now
I have this ready. 

Plus....I have her Christmas shopping done. 

Found this on FB. I wanted to give credit
to whomever shot it but my old boss at
Photo Services informed me it was 

Still its a great job.
This would be the ATT building downtown 
Nashville, AKA the BAT BUILDING.

Pretty cool looking.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Nice project!

Were there clouds in Nashville? We only had a few puffy ones.
Liz A. said…
Cool project. Too bad you couldn't drill small holes so the shot glasses have "homes" on the shelves.
Sally said…
Nice job for your daughter.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm impressed. I have a small shot glass collection that hasn't been on the wall in years. ~blush~ I was lazy about rehanging it after we had the house painted.
Rhodesia said…
Well done, I am sure your daughter will be very happy with her shelves. Diane
Debbie said…
oh it came out beautiful!!! i'm sure your daughter will love it and what a great gift that she can surely use!!!
Betsy said…
Great job for your daughter. I need to find my shot glasses now.
Happy Week end
Denise inVA said…
Great job Pam, always fun to visit and see your next project. Nice eclipse shot, photo shopped or not. Have a great weekend :)
Darla M Sands said…
Thanks for the encouragement to go see the band Palaye Royale live. I was devastated to learn that they'll be playing a fantastic venue about four hours from my home - while I'll be out of state. That's the closest they're coming for now, too. ~sob~ I've been half seriously trying to convince my partner to change vacation plans. So far no luck.
baili said…
that is quite a hard work Pam!

i absolutely adore this idea ,how sweet of you to made this for your lovely daughter .
i am amazed that you are done with your Christmas shopping ,it is wise to shop early sometime either we do this before festival
Ann said…
Nice shelf. That should hold a lot of shot glasses.

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