Quilt Block for the Barn

The painting is done...
4x4 plywood. 

I love the simple pattern I picked
to paint. I love the colors too.
Whats more is my sis in law,
Lori loves it.

Next step will be to seal it.
It is in two parts cause it 
would not fit in my car 
full size but also, it should be
easier to hang in two pieces.

I plan on framing it out, both pieces.
My brother will have to see about
hanging it on the barn. He will just
have to butt the pieces together.
Should be easier to hang in 
two pieces

Isn't it so cool looking?
I love it!

House/dog/bird sitting still 
at my brothers. He only lives
25 mins away but after having 
a rough day yesterday, I had to 
get out yesterday evening. 

Went to JoAnn's.
too cute. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Kim Standard said…
You do have talent, sounds easier to me to be in 2 pieces?? Til hung
Oh, it turned out beautiful! They are going to love it! You'll have to take a photo to show us how it looks on the barn. Cute display at JoAnne's! xx Karen
Ann Thompson said…
That looks great.
Denise inVA said…
It is wonderful Pam. Cute display at Joanne's too.
Rhodesia said…
The barn quilt is great bit I have never heard of them before. Stay well Diane
Jeanie said…
The quilt block is terrific! You do everything!
Sandra said…
it really is beautiful, can't wait to see it hanging on the barn
Liz A. said…
I guess they're getting ready for Halloween already. Well, it is August. About the right time for crafting for then, I should think.

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