Partners In Crime - Lunch

Yesterday I had lunch at
Logan's Roadhouse with
these two
sweet ladies.


That is me in the center with
Cindy on my right and 
Deborah on my left.

I met these two ladies a little
over  9 years ago when
I went to work for the 
Tennessee Bureau
I worked in the Medicaid Fraud 
Section of the TBI.

Cindy worked with the West TN
agents, Deborah with the East TN
agents and I had Middle
TN. agents.

Although all of the folks
that worked for Medicaid were 
amazing and I miss them all...
I bonded with these two 
ladies from the start.
I was welcomed with open
arms the day I started and the
staff in Medicaid became the
best work family.

I have talked with, laughed
with, cried with, traveled with,
worked with these ladies.
We have shared our life, our
family and our secrets with 
one another. 

I love my Partners in 
I miss the hugs, the laughs, 
the talks and just the

Cindy and I both are
retired while Deborah
continues to work for
Medicaid Fraud/TBI.

We live somewhat like we
worked, although in the same
office, we did work for different 
sections of the state. 
Deborah lives on one side
of town, Cindy on another side and
me somewhat in the 

Just like the stars on 
the state flag that represent 
West, East and Middle

With that said, we don't get to 
visit together often but
there are those great times
we do lunch together.

Yesterday I took care of 
a craving I had been having and 
had some potato soup. 
While we waited for our food
we caught up, just like
old times. 

Now for some fun.

I would stand on the front porch
and call, "here Cheese Toast, here"

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Lunch with friends. How nice! Potato soup sounds good!

Burrito would be the new dog's name.
Sounds like a great group to work with. When you work a lot they become your family.

I bet your job was very interesting. I like mystery books and I am reading one now about an attorney in TN. Good reads.

Have a great weekend.

Liz A. said…
It's great to get together with old friends.

As for the dog name, I guess it would be Chocolate Cake, although right before that, it would have been Curly French Fry.
What a great friendship you all have! I always feel like those friends are the best -- the ones where even if you don't see each other for awhile, you just pick up where you left off!
Sally said…
How fun to have lunch with such wonderful long time friends.

The soup looks so good, now I want some. Thanks, Pal...

Ice Cream - my dog's name LOL

Rhodesia said…
Ha ha I would be calling tomato!!!
Great to meet up with friends and you are looking so slim, well done. Diane
Darla M Sands said…
How nice. Lovely ladies. As for a pet name, sausage isn't so bad. ~grin~ Of course the brand is Queen City (for Cincinnati), so Queen could work in a pinch. No?

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