Chilling Today

My buddy, Dakota has not been a 
happy camper the last couple of 
He has been put on a diet.
He is eating more veggies and 
pumpkins mixed with a little
canned food. 
His treats have been cut back.

The last two days he has taken
to raiding Lily's dry food.
Apparently since she is a growing
baby, she needs dry food between
wet feeding. Dakota has not had
dried food left out for a couple
of years. 

Lily's dry food is now on the 
bathroom counter. 
I hate having her food out and 
Dakota not having dry food out
but he is really over weight. 
I know he don't understand.

Talking about Lily...
we are visiting at my brothers
house.... we are
 house/dog/bird sitting and this is
Lily's first time there.

My sis in law has a puzzle going..
Lily loved sitting in the box.


If  you remember the post I did of 
the plastic containers
that I put contract paper on and 
used next to the litter box....
that did not work, take the lid 
off to add more dirty litter
and the smell is strong!

But...I emptied a wipe container 
(cleaning wipes)
covered it and put 
plastic bags in it.
I use plastic bags in the 
car for trash...once one
is full I replace it with another bag. 
This way I have a 
supply of bags.

I emptied another one 
and I made a holder
for my daughter. 

On my way to my brothers 
today I saw this. 
I just think it is funny...esp since
 I had to stand on 
my head to read it....


Chilling at my brothers I walk 
in the bedroom to hang
up my clothes I see this....I painted 
this for my sis in law,
Lori many years ago for her bday.

Haha....saw these sitting 
around too...
Painted this for my brother since 
he is a grandpa.

and of course I felt my sis in law needed one also. 

The other day I posted this .....

as an up coming project. I got started
 on it the other day.

Yellow and dark blue.

Was not really liking the dark blue....
looked more like black. 
So I changed it. 

Yep...liking this better. 
Here is a pic of the project....
just started on the red last 
night and 
since I was so tired that is as
 far as I got.

Yellow will go in the middle.

Have a clue what this will be?

Since this is such a big project 
I went to Home
Depot and got those little sample 
like containers
of paint....2.89 each and they 
mix the color!

If you have not guessed
this will be then
here is a clue....

my sis in law Lori is a quilter!

Thanks for stopping in,


Red Rose Alley said…
Oh Dakota is on a diet, poor fellow. That is such a cute picture of Lily in the jigsaw puzzle box. That is the most unusual picture of the stop sign. I love the flowers that you painted, Pam. Such a talent you have. And those rocks are awesome.

Happy August!

Sally said…
I love the idea of the plastic bag container; I'll have to remember the next time I finish with the Clorox wipes. I love what you're making for your sis-in-law. I hope you got some good rest yesterday though.

Darla M Sands said…
Poor little guy. A diet is not a kingly thing. How neat to see your gifts being cherished. And I agree about the lighter blue. Well done! Hope you're feeling well.
Sandra said…
i think it is a barn quilt, to hang on the barn wall, I have seen them on Amish barns. good job on the plastic bag container and our vet said green beans, the canned kind, rinsed of salt make good treats with no calories. our dogs loved them
Rhodesia said…
Oh dear poor Dakota, so difficult to explain to him that it is for his own good!!!
Love the painting of flowers for your SIL.
I have no idea what the last project is and quilting gives me no clue at all!!!
Take care Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Aw poor Dakota. Dieting isnt easy. I love the look of barn quilts.

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