Linen Closet to Coat Closet

I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse
attached to my neighbor. 
I paid my place off over a
year ago, which has been
great since I had to retire.

Anyway, these places are strangely 
built. No coat closet and the linen.
closet where I did not need it...

The washer and dryer is in a
closet in the hall leading to
the kitchen from the living room.
The linen closet is right in that
area but so inconvenient with 
storing of sheets when the beds
are upstairs. 

A few years ago I redid 
this dresser that a friend
gave me to put
at the top of the stairs
for my sheets and stuff. 

This is the finished project for the 
sheets and linens.

But then I have a linen closet
down stairs that really has nothing
in it. 

My intent was to make it a 
coat closet so that the coats
don't get thrown over
the rail of the stairs.

Today, I decided it needed to 
get done.

The wall in there needed
painting for the first 

Then I took a hanger and placed it 
in the closet so I would get the
depth right for what would be
hanging in there.

Out came my Dremel tool and 
I started cutting into the 

Maybe not the neatest job but
who is really going to know.
Painted that spot on 
each side.

I had picked up a wooden rod 
at Lowes months ago so I 
could have it when the body 
decided I felt like doing this.

Cut it down to the 
correct size.

Decided that I did need a shelve
in there for a basket to store
gloves and scarves in.

And is done. 

Project for the day is done!
This will work out great come
winter time plus it takes
needed space out of the closets
upstairs when I bring coats and jackets
down and hang them.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Coat closets are nice things to have, IF they don't get filled with games, exercise equipment, half dozen old vacuum cleaners, fans, well ... anything BUT coats, like our is.
Sally said…
You're amazing.
So glad you felt like working on the projects.
Great job!
Rhodesia said…
You are such a clever lady and you have the brightest of ideas. Well done Diane
Ann Thompson said…
You are the handiest woman I know. Is there anything you can't do?
Debbie said…
what a great project!! you sure do get a lot done in a day, you must have been feeling well!!!
Nasreen said…
You did one amazing job! I wish I was half as creative.
Well done, Pam! First off I love the way you painted the chest. I'm a bird nut, so I adore the way you painted it. Then you did a fabulous job making a coat closet. I admire your can do attitude and follow through with it! ♥
Liz A. said…
Brilliant fix.
Wonderful job! I love what you done with that dresser! So pretty. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Always a sense of accomplishment when you do something you've been MEANING to get to haha! Great job!
Red Rose Alley said…
I wish you could come over my house and work on projects haha. You always seem to start new projects.....and finish them. What a wonderful way to be, Pam : )


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