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Yesterday was a better day for me and 
today was about them same. 
I had been telling mom that I would 
come and scrub her kitchen so I decided
that today would be the day.

Shortly after getting there and chilling
on the deck with mom, the bottom
dropped out.

While sitting there on the deck I kept
looking at mom's flowers. I knew they
were real but they are so pretty and perfect
that they don't appear real. Love the color.

I have been seeing this set up for a while today I was stopped
at the light and tried to get a good shot.
Notice the sign....Bliss Dental
and then right below it is Aspen Dental.
What I did not get in the pic was the
sign of the bldg. next door for the
furniture/mattress store and it is next
door to Mattress Firm.
Talk about competing against
each other.

Today's gas prices $2.07.  What does gas go for where you

After leaving mom's house I ran by my brothers
house. Mom made us some chicken salad so I dropped
his off to him. He lives right at Old Hickory Lake so
I stopped to check things out.  Gray on this rainy

About to leave I look over and noticed this guy.

I was worn out after doing mom's kitchen and
still not feeling up to par so I came home and
laid out of the couch.

These two was not really wanting me to
sleep...they wanted to play, on my feet!


After a nap Lily decided she wanted mommy loving.
Then she fell asleep on me. Here in the first pic
she stretches in her sleep.

Below she is waking up! Look at that TIGER like 

While Lily is curled up on me, Dakota is at
my feet snoring.

He is just so sweet.

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Last I looked, gas was $2.69, but that was a couple weeks ago.
Sharon Qualls said…
Good day for a nap. Dreary, drippy, and damp. Nice and quiet though.
Pretty blue flower!
Darla M Sands said…
I hope you're feeling better today. ~hugs~ As for gasoline prices, I really don't know. I drive an electric hybrid around town and rarely need to top off the fuel tank. The Volt does burn gas automatically for occasional engine maintenance and to prevent fuel from getting too old. I love that car. ~grin~ We also have a diesel Chevy Cruze sedan for long trips.
Sandra said…
you will always have loving and company and sleeping partners to.. so sweet. love the tiger roar. 2.30 is our gas right now. arrhhh
beautiful flowers and the do look like fake ones because they are so perfect. mother once wired pink plastic to her bushes... I said mother how are the azaleas blooming now? cue helpless laughter here....
Jeanie said…
Gas was 2.49 here yesterday. It might be on the way down -- but not that far!

And oh, those blue flowers. LOVE. What a pretty color.

Hope that every day you are feeling a bit better!
Rhodesia said…
Fuel here is far, far more expensive than yours but my brain cannot work out the equivalents tonight, too tired. €1.12p a litre. OK the computer has just done it for me so for 0.26 of a gallon we are paying $1.31!! Think that works out at about $5.20 a gallon! That is diesel, petrol is even more expensive.
Hope you feel better, take care Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Those blue flowers are so pretty. Right now gas is between 2.59 and 2.65.
That picture of Lily stretched out on you cracked me up

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