Flowers/ Paint by Number Kits

Yesterday Lily was laying at the 
full length glass screen door
watching birds play in the 
Holly tree right out the door. 

I grabbed my camera cause I 
could hear that there was several
birds out there.

When I looked there were about
5 little critters out there.
Looks like a baby Blue Jay.

Lily was enjoying watching them

Today I grabbed the camera again 
and headed outside.
I have been really lacked on
my flowerbeds this summer.
They need weeding so 
bad. But...the Egyptian Bean
plant is looking good.
I was able to harvest several
bean pods to dry and have 
seeds for next yr. 

My red Crepe Myrtle
is doing awesome. 
This is the first year that it 
has really bloomed good.
I planted it about 4 summers
ago and it has really sprouted up
this summer. 

This is a plant a friend 
gave me. I love it.
It grows really tall and 
takes forever before it

This plant...haha
is not looking so good!

I think it has seen better days. 

Lily on the screened in deck
watching birds in the trees on the

Isn't she just the cutest 

Being a painter I am totally impressed
by paint by number kits
these days.

Check these out.

They don't look anything like they used too
when I was younger!

This is what I would be telling 
folks today...
 I have laid around and slept 
the better part of the day.

Thanks everyone for stopping in,


Sandra said…
I just love Lily. I did not know they still made paint by number. I did many of them when I was a child. no talent to do it but it was fun. I even had one of those ugly velvet ones.
Ann said…
You've got lots of pretties in your yard. I like the look of that last flower whatever it is.
Debbie said…
paint by number...a blast from the past!!!
Rhodesia said…
I have not seen paint by numbers for years, but I agree if your photos are anything to go by they have changed a lot!
You flowers are looking good, Take care Diane
Liz A. said…
Paint by numbers: old fashioned adult coloring books. I guess we've been coloring things in for years. It's not a new trend ;)
Those paint by numbers are awesome!
Yes she is the cutest thing.
Your photos are so pretty, the flowers are beautiful.

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