Floor Lamp

I picked up this floor
lamp years and years
ago at a yard sale. 

Never crazy about the brass
gold color and thought I 
would always paint it.

HAHA....I have good intentions 

This evening I got around to 
spray painting that floor lamp.
Lavador Brown. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Liz A. said…
Better late than never, right ;)
Red Rose Alley said…
You are the third blog friend who saw the crescent shapes around their homes and on their decks. These are cool pictures, Pam. This was a part of our history, and so glad that we got to experience it. Now, I can tell my grandchild. : ) That heart is really distinctive in the clouds, wonderful!

Darla M Sands said…
Nicely done.
Kim Standard said…
It looks great! It gives me inspiration to paint my old brass floor lamp...or my daughter may
Sandra said…
I have a brown one you could paint gold. he he he... looks good to me... mine came in brown. I have not painted anything like furniture or anything since 1985, I went on painting walls and furniture spree right after I got married, not knowing hubby hates color on walls and wans it all white...
Well, at least you got that goal accomplished. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
You did awesome job. It looks great. :)

Denise inVA said…
It looks great Pam and I have a few unfinished projects around here too :)
Rhodesia said…
Looks great, much better. Diane
Ann Thompson said…
That sounds so like me. Full of good intentions. I wish I was better with the follow through

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