Fibromyalgia in a Nut Shell

For those that don't understand
what it is like to live
with Fibromyalgia. 

I do have great days. Saturday was
one of those where I was
able to move my rear
and get somethings done.
I was able to clean out my winter
closet and 5 bins of clothes that I 
had packed and stored in the bottom
of that closet. I was able to do 
more cleaning, sorting and 
clearing out.

What was strange about that is,
I could not sleep Friday night.
I had to take something for the 
pain and the last time I looked
at the clock it was 2:30.
I was up Saturday mornning
at 6 and I went till 10:30 that night.

If you have Fibro you have sleep issues.
I also have sleep apnea but
even with a CPAP machine
I still have issues getting 
good quality sleep due to pain.
Yet on the flip side, if I can sleep
it helps me deal with the pain.

I paid yesterday for my good 
day Saturday. I slept off and on, 
more on, till 3 yesterday afternoon. 
At 1:30 last night I had to take
something for pain to sleep.

But during the days....

Fatigue is unreal,
I fight most days to focus 
on what I am doing. I have
no energy. 

This is just a small list of things
you deal with when you have
this issue. 

And this are just a few things 
that bring on a flare.

What is a flare.
It is where your everyday problems,
pain, fatigue and other issues
are more intense. 
A flare can last a day or
longer. I actually had one in 
in 2013 that started in May
and ended in April the next yr.
Working just about did me in. 

You don't realize what coming till it
hits. As the years have gone by it has
gotten worse to deal with.
This is the reason I had to retire. 
I could not even focus on the easiest
of task. 

Once I went to the dentist for a cleaning
only to have my mouth and gums in pain
for 3 months. That never happened before
or after, but it is a chance you take. 

You deal with headaches along with 
the over all wide spread pain.
When I first developed this mess
to the point I noticed it, I felt
like I had the flu. I ached all over, 
and it never went away. I began to think
that I ached this way cause I had
put on weight. It was not till a trip
to the sleep doc that I was informed
on what was going on. 

Every time you turn around
there is something new that you
deal with. 

I have friends that would never know
I deal with this issue unless I have
told them....why, cause I choose to smile
through the pain or if it is really
bad, I hide. 

Hence the reason I dislike summer so bad.
Although I have to say that my surgery has
helped a lot with my heat issues.
I was out and about in it the day of the 
eclipse and I hardly broke a sweat.
That is amazing!

There is so much to learn and take in 
if you have Fibro, like the 
newest issue I deal with....twitching
of the muscles. My legs sometimes feel 
like a pin cushion. A twitch here and 
another here. right after
the other. If not there, my arms, under 
my eyes....and it goes on and on.

More info later.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Darla M Sands said…
I agree that I would not wish this on anyone. Bless you in your fight, my dear, and for your amazing spirit. I might curl into a little ball and just lie there forever. ~hugs~ Thanks for the kind word on my blog. Mom's service was everything I could have hoped for and more. There were a few people I wish had shown up but many more came who I never expected to see. And I read my eulogy better there in front of the unexpectedly large crowd than during any of my practice runs! It helped to take off my eyeglasses so they were just a blur. ~grin~ My remembrances garnered laughs, too, for which I'd hoped. Now I see why people do standup comedy! Two of my nieces said something, as did one of my brothers and two of my dearest friends. And one brother's entire (!) barbershop chorus performed and many (if not all) stayed for the service and luncheon. Church helpers had to set up extra tables when we reconvened downstairs. It was awesome and it only took me until today to rid myself of the tender throat and cough (I haven't talked so much in years!). On top of everything else, my father (with dog Misty) and the brother who helped Dad with the drive reached Florida safely. I'm so blessed. Thank you for being my friend.
Billie Jo said…
First of all, I am sorry you deal with this burden every day of your life.
Secondly, thank you for educating me about this disease.
I was not familiar all the symptoms you deal with on a daily basis.
Sending prayers across the miles for relief and more good days than bad!
I'm sorry Pam. I have a friend who also battles this disease and I think one of the hardest parts is that people don't usually VIEW it as a disease. They think that it's just something you have to 'toughen' up to and push yourself a little harder. Hopefully your post and wisdom will enlighten and encourage others.
Christine said…
Good luck with this fight. At least you know what it is.
Sharon Qualls said…
After the excitement over my new deck on Saturday, I couldn't think straight yesterday. I finally just gave up trying to 'socialize' on my computer. Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about. I'm hoping today is better for both of us!
Sally said…
What you and others have to live with is horrific. You have a great attitude, though, and I'm sure that helps you through all you live with. I'm sorry.
Jeanie said…
It's a tough disease, that's for sure. I have many friends who have dealt with it and it's no fun. But sending good wishes that you'll have good days, too -- and I know you do. Just roll with it on the tough ones. It's all you can do.
Debbie said…
you are climbing a mountain for super power is fighting MS!!!
Rhodesia said…
I really feel for you though I cannot imagine really what you go through. I have a very bad back and it also effects my sleep so I know how it feels to be short on sleep. Take care and enjoy your good days and hope there are more good than bad. Diane
Ann Thompson said…
I can't imagine going through this and I'm sorry that you have to
Pam, thank you for educating your readers about this dreadful disease. I'm so sad there is nothing available to help you. I do admire you making the most of the good days, my friend.♥
Liz A. said…
I am so sorry. I hope that today was a good day.
Red Rose Alley said…
I am so sorry you have this illness, Pam. A good friend of mine has it also. This is an interesting and good post talking about the symptoms and your feelings so people can be aware of it. Thanks for sharing.


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