"Charish" the Last Summer Days

Some post ago I showed you projects
I did for fund raisers for the
Kids on the Block. Every fund raiser
was based around chairs and it was
called Charish the Kids.

I tried to name my projects
"Charish" whatever.

This was the only project that I
used photos. I shot this at
my brothers house on the lake.

This was titled Charish the Last of Summer Days.

The story behind this one goes like this...

Woman sitting on the deck looking
out at the water, she decides to get up
and walk around the lake, taking in the 
view and last of the summer days, leaving
her empty chair behind.

Here the chair shows that the woman came back
and left her hat so she could enjoy the breeze off
the lake to blow in her hair.

The chair shows that she came back and 
took off her shoes to wade in the lake.

The next pic shows that the woman decided
to go for a swim, leaving her clothes hanging
on the chair.

I framed all four pics in a frame for the 
auction just like this one.

Not sure what that fund raiser project brought it
to the Kids but it was a fun project to shoot. 

It hangs above my couch with my grouping on everything

All the photos on this wall are black and white but I just
noticed that the mirror in the last pic picked up
the quilt block I did for my sis in law. It was sitting
across the room. 

Thank you for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
I really like the Chairish Framed and hanging on your wall. back in 02 though 06, I used to frame things like all the ones on your wall, my photos and sell them at work. I would do a frame like your four chairs, and hang on my wall in my cubicle. someone would come along and want it. that was in the days when digital camera was new and not many had one and no one had a cell phone that took photos. I spent my week ends taking photos and printing and framing them. one lady ordered 6 8x10 framed to decorate the wall over her sofa. I did 3 rocking chairs in a frame and 4 barns in a frame. this reminds me of that.
Sharon Qualls said…
Interesting study.
Ann Thompson said…
What a funseries of pictures. I like the wall grouping too but I was curious about the colorful one in the middle. Glad you explained it
Liz A. said…
Interesting progression. If the story were horror, then the woman would have completely disappeared...
Denise inVA said…
I enjoyed following your thought process for these four photos. They look great on your wall. So does the whole grouping.
Rhodesia said…
Love the chair and the story that goes with it, so clever. I like that reflection in the last photo. Diane

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