Cake Pans

Monday I went to my mom's and scrubbed 
her kitchen. Put this restore stuff she has on 
the oak cabinets and the paneling. 

While doing the cabinets I asked her did she
have anything stored in the two above the
fridge. Her rely of course was she was not sure
what was up there. So I had to look.

Wondering why cake pans and one pie
pan was up there I was told those were
her very first set, bought in the 50's. 

When I learned that she was just going to 
send to them Goodwill, I decided I would take
them. I am trying to clear things
out of my life and I just keep bringing in 
what she is getting rid of! What a mess.

Anyway.....I have a new/old set of cake pans.

What kitchen do you like the best?

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sally said…
Top right corner, my fave. Not that I'll ever have one like that. LOL

Kim Standard said…
I will type this again since it didnt seem to go through. I would say the same thing your mom did about the cabinet above the fridge lol. Neat to have her cake pans...I like #1
Sandra said…
mother had pans like these, and I like 3 and 4 kitchen with leaning towards 4
Ann said…
I would have taken those pans too. As for the kitchens, I like either 1 or 2.
Darla M Sands said…
My father kept trying to give things to me when he cleared the house for sale. I kept it to a minimum. And since I'm not in the mood to take time walking down memory lane of my miserable school days, I've got two boxes of stuff I haven't even gone through. ~sigh~ I like kitchen number two for some reason. Be well!
Sharon Qualls said…
Nice old pans, some Brillo pads and elbow grease would make them fabulous!
Not particularly fond of any of those kitchens as a whole. Parts of this one and that and different paint ...
Darla M Sands said…
Hey, I'm curious, my dear. Are you still following a six hundred calories a day diet trying to lose a few more pounds? That seems so extreme, though I have no doubt you and your doctor(s) know what's good for you. I just want you to feel well as possible. On a comical note, my partner brought home Hungry Man frozen dinners with more calories (800, I think!). We either share or eat them over two meals, though. ~grin~ Hope your weekend is going well!
Rhodesia said…
I have masses of cake pans but never the one for the size I want at the time!!!!! Keep well Diane
Liz A. said…
Maybe someone who is into vintage cookware will take those off your hands for a pretty penny. I guess I'll go with kitchen #4, but ask me again tomorrow and I'll probably change my mind.
Jeanie said…
As long as the cake bakes, who needs new ones? I love that they are her first.

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