Bouncing to and From

Bouncing to and from my brothers
place and my place so I
can get somethings done.

Today my friend Theresa
came over to help me hang
a chandelier in the 
guest/antique room.

This is the one I purchased for $30.
A can of off white spray paint
and some elbow grease cleaning
it ....and it 

I was in a hurry to get back at my
brothers since I had been gone
a long while so I did
not take anymore pics ...but I will. 

Yesterday a friend had a yard
sale. I went and picked up
3 quilting books for my sis in law, 

And I got this for me!
Just looked like fun.

Shooting off the small deck 
to the barn. Beautiful
place....behind the barn a short
hike is the lake. 

Stalking the flowers with the 

And the peppers...

Lori has been canning again...

This is what I gave my brother for
It hangs just inside the front

Time is wasting ....
The wicked witch is near.

I love finding letters
in things around me.
I have a file on my computer
for them. 
Found a couple at Ray's house...

Great C

and what an amazing O. 

I don't know if the smell of dogs
is to thick on the bed
but Lily rather sleep on 
the dresser!

I think I have posted some of these
places before but I went by today
and it seems like overnight
more were put out. 

You can get it with  or without
a garage, and you can spit on 
your neighbor as the leave for

Aren't these called row houses?

I was going to paint my upstairs
the same color as the antique room but
since mom bought me a new
bedspread with gray and purple...
I decided that a light gray would
work. Problem, you have to be careful
painting with gray. It might look
light on the sample but once on the
wall it is darker. 
Not to mention there are brown 
grays, green grays and even ones
that have a hint of purple....

Still studying on it but I think 
I have picked. 

Keep in mind for those that don't
know Dakota...
he is a afraid of his own shadow....

But this time he was showing NO
fear with TJ. did TJ get out? He stays out.
Wings are clipped but he climbs off
his cage and walks where he 
wants to go. The labs will 
not mess with him cause he
pecks them. 

can't understand why he is not
kept in a cage but he is not...
he sits on top of his!

This bird don't like me
guess what?
I don't like him!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
The chandelier looks cute! I like a gray bedroom, sounds good.
Darla M Sands said…
I understand birds can be particularly picky about their people. You should listen to comedic speaker/writer David Sedaris talking about his sister's parrot. He can make you laugh and cry in one piece.

So glad you're acclaiming Lily to travel. Good for both of you. I've never raised a true kitten. ~grin~ Not sure I could handle it now.
Ann said…
The chandelier looks great. I like the idea of an antique room. Cute bag too. It reminds me of a purse some lady had at the craft show. It was a Nicole Lee bag and very artsy looking.
Sandra said…
I wondered about the bird out when I saw it the other day in another post. now I know. love the newly painted chandelier, and what it does to the ceiling with shadows. those townhomes are not for me, but some love them. here there is a need for a garage and people are renting their garage out to someone to store things and leaving the car in the drive. most garages rent for 150. very odd to me.
Liz A. said…
When I had a bird, he would be out of his cage as much as he was in it. Why should they be stuck in cages? They're stuck in the house already.
Not a bird person either. Lucky find on that chandelier. Good luck with the grey. My daughter's house always makes grey go blue.

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