The other night I missed Lily....
and I found her in her taxi. 

I have just decided to leave it out
leaving the door open and she
comes and goes.
My daughter works for a vet
and she said that way also 
Lily would not associate it 
with just going to the vets. 

Works for me.
Love the paws all stretched out 

I have mentioned before that she has
to be next to Dakota most of the
time when she sleeps.

The only time there was a difference
is when we were at my brothers
house. Clean sheets on the bed but
I think Lily must still have smelled
the dogs on the bed....
cause she slept on the dresser next
to the bed! She would not get in the 
bed to sleep with me and Dakota. 

Isn't she just beautiful!??
Love her posing for me
like this!

Life with Dakota and Lily is amazing.
I still can't believe even after
these two months at how
well the two of them get 
along. They run, chasing each
other. Some days Dakota starts the
playing and others it is Lily.
I am amazed at my bud...he had
never been around cats, it was just
him and I for 10 yrs....he was
yet he excepted her into our
home and I really do think he
loves her!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Sweet pictures.
Debbie said…
animals are so funny and full of personality...your captures are so cute!!

many thanks for all those comments. i'm not sure how you found that old stuff......but it sounds like you enjoyed it!!
Ann said…
She is adorable.
Sandra said…
that is our mission in life, to spoil our pets... I love that shot of Lily by the Lamp and she is adorable in her taxi
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so happy for the relationship they've formed. Too adorable.
Luna Crone said…
What a precious post!

Cats do know, what _they_ want though, don't they? Lovely they are, and they also know their own 'little' minds. :-) Which is probably one of the reasons, we love them.

How wonderful that your long time dog, has accepted Lily, into his life and home.

Gentle hugs,
Luna Crone
Lily and Dakota look like they are life long friends. And both so precious!

Thank you for your visit and the nice compliment!

Rhodesia said…
I think people have a lesson to be learnt from your animals. The young and the old, and not the same breed, but great friends who love each other. Great post Diane
Anonymous said…
"Accepted," not "excepted."

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