Barbie Doll Clothes

My daughter came over today to 
move some of 
her stuff out of my shed. 

While doing that we pulled some 
bins from the back of the shed and
I brought them in the house to go through. 
One bin was full of my old Barbie doll
clothes. They went through me, my 
daughter and my niece. 

Inside ~ two of MY dolls and Barbie 
doll clothes. 

My daughter laughed over this poor doll.
I am not sure what happened to the hair but
my great grandma gave me this doll when I was
a young child. 

The clothes are what I was excited about getting 
into. Oh the memories. 

When I was playing with Barbies there were
several girls my age that lived around me
and we would get together to play Barbies.

I felt so out of play cause I could not go to 
the store and buy Barbie clothes. That was just
a luxury that we could not afford. I was a bit
ashamed that when I played Barbie I carried
an old suitcase full of HANDMADE Barbie

Little did I realize that I was so much
more lucky to have them then store bought
clothes. My mom sat and took the time to
make all these clothes for me and my dolls.
When I look at the work that went into them
today I do realize that I was so lucky to have
a mom that could do this for me. I am sure
that my friends are not sitting and going 
through a bin of store bought clothes
today cause I am sure they did not hold
up as well as mine have. 

Let me show you the love my mom 
put into these clothes for me and 

Lily wanted to play with them. This is what folks
used to use to polish and shine their shoes.

My mom put snaps on it and it became a mink 
stol for my dolls. 

Isn't she just so fancy in her mink?

But that was not all mom made me....
a fur coat for Barbie. 

My Barbies were richer then I even knew at the time.

This was one of my fav dresses.
Heavy, thick, long red dress.
It dipped down in the back and would
drag the floor as Barbie walked. 

Over look the wrinkled look since it has been packed
for years.

Here is the brides dress made from the same
pattern as the red dress. 

Check out this cool veil.

Check out this lace outfit for evening wear.

It also has a pair of pants to wear with the shirt.

Top and skirt.

Such a 70's print! This is a pair of short cool lots or

A silky long tight dress.

Dipped neckline in the back.

Cute pants and top outfit.

Loving the back of the top. 

And Barbie had to have a sexy night gown.

Another fav outfit of mine. 


Nice work dress for Barbie.

My Barbies also had coats for the winter time.

Sorry for the blurred pic but I wanted to show
the pockets on the coat. 

This was an outfit for Skipper.

Winter coat for Skipper.

Another evening gown.

Top and skirt for Skipper.

Basic black dress.

Dresses for Skipper.

I loved this outfit also. 
I think my brother had a shirt made of this.

Fancy evening gown.

Skippers house coat. 

Barbie's house coat.

I have several pairs of PJs for Barbie.

 Mom even made tiny Barbie shorts.

Barbie loved going out at night....another evening gown.

Skippers dress.

Another set of PJs
Bad pic....but this is a vest and pants to match.

One of my fav outfits for Skipper....check out the little

70s Hippie pants!


I even have clothes for Ken! 
There are so many more outfits I did not
take pics of. 

Thanks mom for making all these
clothes for me! I cherish them still
today after all these years. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
It's nice to hear how you appreciate the time your mother spent on making you happy. I made my daughter Barbie clothes and I'm sure she hasn't seen then since the very next year after I sat sewing those tiny outfits. - Hey, some of them would make a real cute display.
Oh, these are so wonderful! What a loving Mom to make all these dear little outfits! She was quite a talented seamstress, too. Loved seeing them all. Your Barbie is pretty, too. xo Karen
Ann said…
what a box full of nice memories. I wish I would have saved all mine. My mother made a bunch of clothes for my Barbies too. All those little seams, it couldn't have been easy
Sandra said…
oh my gosh, your mom was so talented. these are amazing... and even more amzing is that you still have them... i know you would never sell them, but i bet they would sell to people with barbies. i was born before barbies
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! These are amazing. I can't imagine the time she took doing this. I was sort of a tomboy and preferred playing with GI Joe and Matchbox cars. We also didn't have a lot of disposable income, so my mother made me a parking garage/gas station playset out of cardboard. It was awesome. And Dad built an incredible dollhouse with real glass windows for when I was feeling girly. ~grin~ Hope you are feeling great today!
Sally said…
I'm almost speechless! Such a wonderful gift to you from your mom, beautiful clothes. I know these took a lot of work, and so much love. I'm glad you have saved these treasures, Pam.

I didn't have Barbies of course, but the only doll I remember was Sparkle Plenty. She rode many miles with us when we travelled. :)

Red Rose Alley said…
BARBIES AND BARBIE CLOTHES!!! Pam, your post made my heart sing today, as I'm a Barbie lover. I used to play with them all the time growing up with my neighbor. I didn't have nearly as many clothes as you did though. Look at all these clothes that you still have, that's so special. My mom made many of my Barbie clothes, and can you believe I made a few also? But mine were not very good looking haha. I still have the clothes and my Barbie to this day.

I will definitely come back and see your post again. It was wonderful, Pam.

Rhodesia said…
Wow so much clothes for Barbie. One toy I never had, think by the time Barbie was popular I was past toys and into horses. Take care Diane
Debbie said…
WoW!!! amazing "little" clothes, your mom was an artist at the sewing machine. i was not much in to dolls and my mom didn't save much from my childhood!!!
Billie Jo said…
Oh my...How amazing!!!!!!
What love and care went into them...
And what memories they must bring back to you!
Thank you for sharing...
I don't have any of my Barbie things.
I have, however, kept tubs of my daughters' favorite things!
Have a cozy evening. : )
Liz A. said…
You need to find the Barbie collector community and share these with them.

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