About Town

Had to drive to town this morning
for my apt with the weight doc. 
I usually make my apts to fall
right after rush hour so that I don't
have to deal with all that traffic.
Been 9 yrs since I worked in town...
for 25 yrs, and I don't miss it at all.

I worked in the basement of the Andrew Jackson
bldg (the tall one there) for 21 years. I started out
as a camera operator, then an account clerk and my
last job for the printing division was customer service
rep and estimator. 

I moved to what I called my Ivory Tower to work
for Photo Services. I worked one yr on the 23rd
floor and another 3 yrs on the 3rd floor. Both printing
and photo services is with the Dept. of General Services,
and photo services is a part of printing. I gave them 25
years. Started at 18, left at 20 and came back 4 years 
later never thinking that working for the state would become
a career.  

I left my Ivory Tower after 4 years when I jumped
out of the box to go work for the TN Bureau of 
Investigation, still for the State of TN. Leaving
downtown behind me!

I have an album on fb of churches, I love this one
so I took a pic to add to my collection.
This is the First Baptist Church of Nashville.

There are two pieces of art down by
the river as you travel into town....
this is one.

While driving to and from town I was noticing
all the colors....in cars!

And to think I drive a boring silver car.
Thinking I would love to have it painted PURPLE.
Dark purple like this Dodge truck. 

I always said that cars and trucks should never
be pink or purple...but I have changed my mind
on the color purple.

This was a cool color...a light pea green sort of color.

Then there is this color green!
WOW....can't lose this in a parking lot.

This is almost the same color only in a jeep.

And yet here is a different green, more like
a olive green.

This was sort of the same color but 

I saw a pale yellow but could not get a pic.
This is more like a dark yellow....pretty.

Now for me, this is not a color I would pick.
A sort of copper gold color?

Then there is this color. Not really copper, not really

But this is orange!

Loving the blue. 

But I think I like this one even better!

Not to mention all the different color
shades of red out there. 

Leaving town I ended up behind a party
bus. Thinking it was TO early to be
having a party but it was out

Then I was wondering if she had missed
the party bus. Looks like her hair is
all done up and no place to go!

Lets not leave out the tags I saw on the way
to and from town...

On the way to town this morning I saw this...
I am all about color esp on the doors...not sure
how I feel about this, it sort of jumps out 
at you...but I love that they used COLOR.

Well I made it home on one piece!

What is your fav color?
Mine if you have not realize is PURPLE!
Matter of fact, wearing it today along
with purple nail polish!

I love all purple....but more the darker

Doc was pleased with the weight loss.
I have gone down 50 since surgery and
11 right before, making it a total of  61.
I had gotten to 63 then I gained 5 and I 
made it back to 61. He asked me what I 
wanted to go to and then I told him that
it has slowed down so much. He told me
then to stay at 600 calories a day and I 
will start dropping again....back to fish
and chicken for a bit I think!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Red Rose Alley said…
A hectic day in the city. I'm glad you're doing well with your weight. That is an interesting art sculpture. wow, a bright green car, and a purple one too! I see the very traditional colors around here.

Wishing you sweet summer days, Pam.

Sharon Qualls said…
Good to hear the doctor's report! Congratulations!

I used to love my silver Buick, also my silver Cougar. I have pretty much loved all of my cars, it didn't matter if they were pumpkin colored, baby blue, black n purple, hunter green, or red. Driving was my thing, though not downtown any city, haha.
Anonymous said…
And here I drive a boring black vehicle. My favorite color has always been blue
Ann Thompson said…
The anonymouse comment was me. I accidentally changed it before I hit publish
Debbie said…
I enjoyed the ride around town....too bad we weren't driving together in that purple pick up!! I love all shades of purple!!
Liz A. said…
I would want an orange car. Not that bright orange, but more the coppery gold.

Not too long ago someone did a map of the city I live in, saying something snarky about various neighborhoods. For mine it was "a whole lot of churches". Which is true. There's a street where everything on it is churches. Kinda funny.
Sandra said…
my daughter in law is a purple freak, her wedding dress was purple and my sons jacket was a purple print. her house has purple in every room and she had a purple car and a purple truck. I am fond of the neon greens they are using on cars. colors are not good for Florida though the sun fades them quickly, white and silver are the best for our sunshine state. wow on all the years for the state.
Darla M Sands said…
I like purple, too. But in cars, I'm rather fond of the burnt orange I've seen on some. Six hundred calories a day? Wow. I'd starve. On that note, I've got to go lift weights. I didn't exercise for two days in a row and don't need to make it three.
Rhodesia said…
We had an orange car (in fact 2) in South Africa, everyone recognised us :-))) Some interesting number plates. Keep well Diane
Sally said…
Some of the car colors are crazy now; however, in l964 I had a canary yellow impala. It didn't like me much as I got hit by a drunk driver five days after I brought it home. Totalled.

My daughter and youngest great granddaughter both love purple. I'm more of a sage green girl. :)


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