What Up?

It's Friday!
What up with you?

Short way of asking how
things are going and what 
are you planning for the weekend.

Me...not a thing. I learned to 
not plan much since the FIBRO
decides what I can and can't
do often enough.

With that said...
lets move on to
some fun 
and cute 

Found this at Dollar General
yesterday....thought it 
was funny.

Haha...I have become fur baby
crazy. I applied the paws
to my car months ago.

Just last week I added these
two stickers to me car.

Oh my...
silly Lily.

Yep...I know, I need to get the 
light hung. I actually have
two ready, need to get the
3rd one painted to hang then
I will have them all done at
the same time. 

Check this out...
Dakota loves his 
little sister.

Trying to do this post, leaning back
into the cushion of the 
couch, legs crossed 
Indian style, laptop laying
across my legs, Lily laying 
on chest and belly!
Blogging gets hard like
that....but I love it.

Thought for the day.


Sandra said…
since I retired there is no way to tell the difference between week end and week day, except bob has sports to watch. Lily is a real mess, a cute mess and makes me smile.. cute kitty and pup peeking out of your car
Sally said…
Such a cute pic of Dakota and Lily!

No plans for the weekend either. I was trying to get some yard work done but it's
so doggone hot! :)

Darla M Sands said…
Your fur babies are adorable. I hope you are feeling well today. ~hugs~ Made myself go to the gym feeling grateful I'm able.
Jeanie said…
Nothing big for me. Home alone at the lake -- which means, painting, reading, hopefully swimming and planting things!
Kim Standard said…
Oh that's great your dog likes the cat! Mine want to kill the cat. So i am very careful to keep the fur babies apart. Hope your fibro settles
Ann Thompson said…
Love that last picture of the fur babies. So cute. I don't often have plans but this weekend we have a picnic to go to for my husband's dads birthday
Rhodesia said…
Love Dakota and Lily they really have hit it off together. Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
The quote "I feel there is nothing more artistic" is wonderful. I love that, and will pass it on to my kids. It's nice to see pictures of Dakota and Lily, they are quite the pair. : )

Liz A. said…
You get way more done than me, so congrats.

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