What I Have Been Up Too.....

Hey Bloggers...
just for fun tell me where
you are from. Also, if  you did
not see the one post where
I asked how you named
your blog, please share now.

I know I have been vacant from time
to time from blogging or getting
around to your blogs....Forgive me.

I have been having more bad days
lately then the good ones but with that
said....when I have a good day I 
have been bouncing between
moms house and mine. 

Over 3 months ago I started redoing 
a guest room. I painted the ceiling,
the walls, did bead board on one wall
half way up, painted that and painted
all the baseboards, ripped up carpet and
started laying flooring. I finished the
floor today. This has taken me FOREVER...
this is something, before Fibro that I could
have gotten done in 2 days, maybe 3. I 
hate what this stuff has done to my body.

Anyway....here is the floor.

Tomorrow I hope to get the shoe moulding down 
around the baseboard thru the rest of the room.
Finish cleaning it up and get the bed moved in. I 
will have to get grandson or friends over to help
move the furniture into the room.
Yay.....one down. 

Been helping get my mom's house clean.
Going over this week to clean some
other rooms for her.

Love these curtains. Mom had them hanging
in  her sewing room for years and I loved
them. She gave them to me to hang in 
my new redone room. 

Saw this while riding around the 
other day. Too cute.

I collect key rings of places
I go. But if I have a friend
going somewhere that I figure
I will never get too I ask them
to pick one up for me. 

My friend Nancy, lives in Ohio and
her hubby travels to China for his
job so he has picked up key
rings from there for me. But
recently him and Nancy went
to Aruba. I got these in the 
mail yesterday. 

Here you go...the photo of the 
day of the kids.

Great idea for wrapping paper.
Found this on Pinterest.

I posted these two paintings
before. I painted them for 
my aunts. I mailed them
Friday and they should
arrive tomorrow. 
They have no clue
these are coming.

This one is for my aunt Martha.

And this one is for my aunt

They will be so surprised. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann said…
Is there anything you can't do? I love that floor in your guest room. I really like the darker colored wood floor. Those curtains are really nice too
Love the picture of the fur babies. So sweet
Darla M Sands said…
I sure hope your days improve. I swear you still do more on a bad day than I ever achieve. Love 'the kids' and that you have so much family around. ~grin~ Be well!
Sandra said…
I know they will love their paintings and when I was your age I could do some of that but not the floors and moulding. I am 16 years older than you are and pretty much can't do anything you have done.. you are talented.
I live in Florida and have for 35 years, in my mother hometown. born in Savannah, lived in KY from age 10 to 15 and back to Savannah and now here. My blog is named Madsnapper because in 2002 I got my first digital camera and went into Mad Snapping of everything in sight from bugs and flowers and dogs and leaves that my hubby said you are a MAD snapper.
Rhodesia said…
Love the photo of Lily and Dakota, great they are so good together. The room looks good well done.
I was born in the UK, lived there for 9 years. Then spent 25 years in Rhodesia followed by another 25 in South Africa. Moved back to the UK for a couple of years, since then been living in the Charente in France. My main blog is called 'My Life in the Charente' which I think is pretty obvious why :-) Then there is also 'My Life Before the Charente' as well and of course the daily blog.
Have a great week Diane
Betsy Adams said…
Hope you are feeling better... BUT--you amaze me with your talents.. I could NEVER do some of the things you do... AWESOME....

I was born and raised in a little town in the Southwestern part of VIRGINIA.... My Dad worked for the railroad. Our little town was named Big Stone Gap... (There has been a book and a movie about my town.)

I chose Joyful Reflections because I wanted my blog to be joyful and positive and enjoyable.

Happy 4th to you.
I love the saying in your last photo, Pam! Your aunts are going to love the paintings. How lovely to gift them with your artwork. You are working so hard on your room. I love the floor and the pretty bead board. You are quite creative. I'm so sorry your fibro is acting up! Sending you wishes for better days.
PS I live in VA. I named my blog for the love and joy my home brings. ♥
Liz A. said…
If your aunts read the blog, they will no longer be surprised ;)

It may take you longer, but you're still doing more than I could ever do. (I could not redo a room like that. Looks great.)
Betsy said…
Wow, you are a busy person and have accomplished so much. I would be dropping. You are good!
I am taking twice as long to do so many things now. My muscles in my legs start hurting and takes so long up and down the ladder while painting. Makes me mad.
I can't get over the upside down bar stool used for the wrapping paper, pinterest is full of ideas.
I love the picture of the kids, so darn cute.
I am from Virginia in the county of Hanover. I love it here in the fall, but the summers are getting a little hard to take with it being low lying which contributes to the muggy hot humid days, especially the past week.
I named my blog Wildwood Home because I couldn't think of a name except one of the road name and there are a lot of wildwoods here. I should have named it hollywood, since that is what's mostly in my yard.
Happy Independence day
Jeanie said…
You've been doing a lot! I think I did miss the post about the blog name. Mine is named after my orange Marmelade cat, Gypsy. You can see him in the computer screen on my banner. Best cat ever!

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