So Far Today

I have found things on 
the side of the road that 
folks are getting rid of...

This is not the one I found
(its still outside) but I found
one a few weeks ago by my
neighbors trash. 
This is what I plan on doing with it!

Just last week my daughter told me
she needed a coffee table.
Like me, I don't have one because
I don't for them. 
She only wants one cause
her boyfriend likes having one.
Well, yesterday my neighbor up the
street put this out.

I told my daughter we could
paint the legs, I could make
a frame and cover it with wood
to just slip over the top of this one...
and she will have the rustic look
she wants.

Maybe something like 

Went to my brothers house
Sunday. Looked out the 
kitchen window while I was
there. YIKES....
Yep, if this was my house
I would go out with bug spray!
HAHA...that is a lie. I 
would hate knowing it was there
but so long as it stayed out...I would
leave it be.

My sweet niece Paige whom
sells Young Living and 
starts teaching next month at
the Community College
gave me this. I mentioned
I thought I would get one so
she got me one. 
So sweet. You put oils
in it.

I know I posted pics of Dakota
and Lily napping but I took 
this one last night. 
Lily starts out laying on me
to relax but when she is
ready to fall off to sleep...
she moves over to be next
to Dakota.

Took my younger brother over
to the other side of town
to pick up his car and I drove
past this....


My Egyptian Bean Plant has
finally put out its first bean.
I will pick and let it dry out
for seeds next yr. Hoping
it is planning on putting
out more beans or the seeds
will not be!!!

Saw this on PINTEREST...
My thoughts, why ruin this
great piece of furniture!
Now, would not be so bad if 
it is left inside and the plants
are in pots but I have seen
this idea used outside and the 
plants planted in the drawers. 
Wood furniture is not meant
to be used like that!

I love that piece of furniture but the way.

I posted this yesterday

and this is why. Several 
places like this are going
up around me. See the front 
yard....that is all the yard they
have. But for folks that want
no yard. I guess it works.

Found on PINTEREST..
this would be so cute for my deck.
Or.....just out in the yard.

Scrolling through pics on 
facebook and found this...
One of my fav
My oldest grandson 
This was him when he was
younger. He is 16 now. 
Course I like my dark hair also!
It was out of a bottle.
I used to hit the bottle all the time 
(hehe) until I decided to stop 
that in 2008!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Denise inVA said…
Great post Pam, and I love all those creative ideas of yours. The last shot of the you with your grandson is very cute. It is always nice to hear of Lily and Dakota getting on so well together, and I liked that photo too.
Sandra said…
it seems more and more people are not wanting to take care of a yard, they move in with the tiny yards and then pay a HOA fee for someone else to keep it. very common here in a lot of areas. we live in an older area with yards but the new places going up, even the really expensive large homes have no yards and only walk through space between houses. I went to an open at a 500,000 2500 sq foot home and standing in the dining room I was looking at the other homes dining room and could see all the way through the house. not for me.
you sure found a lot of nice things to salvage.. I am sitting in a desk chair we got off our neighbors garbage 12 years ago, it was nice then and still is.
Red Rose Alley said…
What a cute picture of you and Caleb, Pam. That coffee table is going to look nice once you fix it up for your daughter. Rustic is really in right now. I know what you mean about a good piece of furniture. I love the dark traditional furniture, and don't like to see it being painted to the chippy white. That was thoughtful of Paige to give you the necklace, it's cool.

Lily sure does like Dakota. : )

Ann Thompson said…
I never find anything good out in the trash. I need to drive through the rich neighborhoods lol. I like what you did with the coffee table.
Sally said…
You always have the most interesting posts, Pam. I sure enjoy visiting you. I have to agree about the furniture/plant holder. My granddaughter has the end tables that I bought for my parents in l961! :)

Oh yes, I used to hit the bottle too, but now all gray. I can't decide if I like it, but my family does so that's it I guess. LOL

Such a cute grandson!

Your idea for the coffee table is a great one for your daughter, Pam. You have really great ideas for recycling things. I also love seeing how sweet your pets are. Have a nice evening. ♥
Debbie said…
funny start to the post!! i can't wait to see what you do with the coffee table - you have a great idea!!!!
Rhodesia said…
Love the top photo :-)))) You are so creative you amaze me what you can do. Have a wonderful day Diane
Darla M Sands said…
You are so creative. It never ceases to amaze me. Your family is blessed to have you, too, for many reasons. Thanks for sharing this.
Liz A. said…
We've been getting spiders around here, too. Lots of spiders.

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