All About Whatever

Showed yesterday about 
the stars I found at 
I knew I had another one
around here but could
not figure out what I 
did with it.

Found it on the deck on the
bakers stand along with the
plants out there.

The one I had goes so well with 
the new ones. 
Looks really good on the
front porch.

Still adding a touch here and
there in the antique guest room.
I took these off the wall of
my room cause they fit so well.

I painted these years ago
(Goodwill buys also).

As you can tell I distressed 
them just a little bit, 
I love that look.

With that said, I was thinking that I 
need to distress the other
pieces to match this stuff.

These three pieces just
look too new and fresh so
I will take some sandpaper
to them to give them a light
distress look.


Speaking of these pieces, I went back
to Lowe's and got one more
pull. My mind was telling me
that I only needed 6 when I 
needed 7.
Its done now. 

Went in Kroger the other day and 
saw these. I did not need to know
that they sold these gummy 
candies. LOL....yep, they
were good.

As Lily grow each day she is finding 
that there are more things to get

TP being one.
Yesterday she got the nose tapping
and the NO, NO...

That did not work because
this took place 3 times

The last time she got sprayed
with the water bottle.
She has not played with the TP
since the spray!!

I LOVE this.
And yes you know that I am 
thinking about doing is!
Actually thought about putting
it on the back of the bathroom 
door down stairs....

I can here the laughter coming
from inside the bathroom when
friends pull the door closed. 

If I was still working I am sure
this is what I would be saying!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Liz A. said…
Looks good. You should totally do that. I bet you can find decals that do it rather than having to paint it freehand (although I'm sure painting it freehand will be no trouble for you).
Rhodesia said…
LOL I love that cat, it has just made my day. Take care Diane
Sally said…
That little Lily! Well, now maybe she's learned her lesson. LOL

Your antique room looks so nice. I distressed a door here that I'll
have to show you sometime. This house being so old, there is a door
in the kitchen that leads to nowhere so I roughed it up a bit. :)

Darla M Sands said…
You are so much more active than me. It takes more will than I can muster to leave the house most days. I'll get on the NordicTrack later, giving me an excuse not to go to the gym. ~grin~ Oh, and right now I'm following your example and brought a fan onto my back patio. Good luck with Lilly's training. I almost miss the destructive activity of a cat's youth. Be well!
Sandra said…
I love the cat scratch door idea... and glad the spray of water worked.. your home is getting prettier by the day, the 3 stars are beautiful
Not the water bottle!!! When Frankie was younger we ended up keeping one on our Christmas tree. We needed the easy access to save the tree. Sometime it's the only thing that works.
Ann Thompson said…
Love the stars and your room is looking all the touches you have added. Lily is quite the hell raiser. Hope that spray does the trick for good. Thatcat scratching would be awesome painted on your bathroom door
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, the wall looks even better with the third star. You just can't go wrong with stars, they're delightful. I like the shelf and light fixtures in the guest room. They are welcoming. Oh my, Lily has a fascination with the toilet paper haha. I hope she's learned not to mess with the toilet paper by now.

to answer your question.....Yes, the rubber duckies are for Jess and the baby. She has always loved those little guys, and when I saw one that said "baby girl" I knew I had to get one for her. : )
Red Rose Alley said…
ps...yes, this is my first grandchild and so excited. How wonderful that you have three!

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