Saturdays Critters #187

I have posted the pics of my
babies before but since I 
am doing Saturday's Critters
I wanted to post them again.

My babies
Dakota AKA The King
and Tigerlily also known
as Lily or Lily Bit 
(for Little Bit)


My other baby

Those are the only pets
I have but I thought
I would share my brothers
pets. I have spent a lot
of time house/animal sitting
for my brother so these babies
are my sweeties too.

This is Maggie.
Maggie was a rescue.
She is an older dog that lost
her owner to a terrible accident.
His family, living out of town
could not take her so my sis in law
decided that she would.
Maggie will live her life
out being loved.

This is the younger baby at my
brothers home.
This is Oakley.
He belonged to my nephew but
when he moved out he could
not take Oakley.

Being a lab Oakley loves the pond.
He gets in there and just stands to
watch the fish swim around him.

Next is Moose.
The oldest of the bunch. 
He too being a lab loves
the water!


And then there is Ms. Chole. 
The mom of the bunch!

The last to critters at my
brothers home is 

Now TJ is a one person
bird. In other words,
he likes my brother but 
not crazy about anyone else.
Bird hates me.

And then there is Ms. Lola.
This is my sis in laws baby. 

Last but not least I am throwing
in a pic of a black bear....
digging in my trunk.

Haha almost two yrs ago I 
went to Gatlinburg to meet
up with some of my Georgia 
family. When loading the car
to leave I left the trunk open
We came out to find this.

I had oatmeal cookies in the back
seat and I guess mama bear smelled
them and was trying to get to them.

What a shock!

Thanks for stopping in to
read about our critters, 


Sandra said…
there seems to be a rampant bear problem all over the states. here in FL they are getting in to peoples home and garages and yards. one blogger had one destroy her trash can last night, she is in north GA... I love all the critters yours and your brothers except for the bird. I am not a fan of birds, pet birds or any kind of birds. until 2006 I was terrified of all birds as in the movie the birds. but my friend the bird watcher helped me with it. I still don't like them very much but most of the fear is gone... I like critters with fur, but I love all living critters and that includes the birds.
Darla M Sands said…
What sweet faces! Your pictures are awesome. I'm glad the bear didn't hurt anyone (or do any damage? I hope...). Thanks for the kind word regarding my aged kitty. It's appreciated. Hope you feel well and don't overdo it working on your projects. ~hugs~
Ann Thompson said…
Dakota is very patient and he and Lly both are adorable. The horse is gorgeous.
What a shock to find a bear digging in your trunk
Sharon Qualls said…
Nice looking labs! They do love the water.
Not fond of bears, I would have freaked!
Stephanie Faris said…
Is your dog a terrier? I had a rat terrier in my 20s/30s. SUCH a great dog, but very energetic!
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, so many wonderful animals around your house and your brother's house. Do you ever get to ride the horse? I've always wanted a horse. I smiled when I saw the bird, TJ, because TJ was my brother's name. He passed away many years ago. I think Dakota is my favorite, such a cutie. : )

Have a peaceful Sunday, Pam.

Rhodesia said…
Great photos and wow a bear in your boot would be quite a change!!! Diane
baili said…
Wow so many pets you and your dear brother have my friend!
Loved the first tow pics most though all are adorable .
specially the closeup of oakley is stunning.

i don't think bird can hate you dear pam!
Robert Bennett said…
Awww...Misfire makes me miss my horse Samwise. He's out in Arizona right now and I haven't seen him for a little bit. Give all of your animals great big hugs. They deserve it. :)
Jeanie said…
Your sweet Lily makes me smile. Reminds me so much of my Marmelade Gypsy boy, whom I loved to pieces!
Such cute critters! I love that your family was able to take them in when they needed a place to go.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed all of your critters! We had a bear to break into our trash can last Sat.!

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