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You all know that I am into COLOR.
I love that folks are using more color
on doors or shutters. I love it....although
I don't decorate with a lot of color, I think
I am afraid that I will tire of it easy. 
I use a lot of beige, cream and brown cause
you can use any color with those. 

But yesterday my mom went to Kohl's 
and she always finds a buy.
She had seen this the week before 
but would not purchase it for 200.00.
But it was marked down and with 
her 15% off she got it for less
then 79.00.

And she got it for me!

Not putting it on the bed right away,
going to work on that room next before
I put this out.

I might have to purchase this below
to match the bedspread!

at Walmart the other day.
But...I like my fan on a stand and I 
really don't need a box fan.

Now...talking color...
how about a rainbow of

What? I don't get it.

I realized today that I am
dull and boring....
my last car was a white
Malibu that I sold to my
daughter recently.
I now drive a silver Prius. 

What about some of these colors?

What color is your car?

Snapped this pic this evening...
Actually I have noticed
that Lily does a lot
of photo bombing!

By the way, no pain meds today,
she has been buck as_ wild today.
Swelling gone in leg and she has
been hell on wheels!

Lunch today with one of
my best and long time
friends, Debbie.

Met Debbie when my daughter was
6 months old. Amber is not 36.5
yrs old...so Debbie and I have
been friends for 36 yrs.

Been asked by a facebook friend, Melissa
to make something for her front door.
She recently moved from 
Pikeville TN to Alabama.
I showed here this that I made
for my daughter before.

She loved it.

So I picked up the M for her
last name and I have the board
cut already. 

I don't have to have it done till
the 1st week of Oct. when she will
be in town but I will get it made this
Melissa  and I recently met when she
stopped off near my house on her way
to a concert in Nashville. 
She had requested a "Socks Lost"
board to hang over her washer.

 I have known Melissa for years.
We met, sort of, on another internet
site called Clubmom.
When it closed down I told
everyone I was on FB...come on
over and look me up. 
At lot of my friends on fb are
clubmom friends.
When I met her a few months back
to give her this board she
had recently married and although
we had discussed a price I
gave it to her as a wedding gift...
by the way, that was the first time
I had ever really met Melissa!
She is 36, same age as my

So I have been drive by shopping

Found these two items
in my mom's neighborhood
 on the
side of the road. 

Now to decide what to 
paint on 


I now have 3 arrow back chairs 
for my kitchen table.
Purchased two from a studio 
going out of business for $10 each.

And this one was free.
PRICELESS...wouldn't you say!?

or at Walmart for sure....haha

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann said…
Pretty comforter and great price too. I'm a bit conservative when it comes to using color. My walls are antique white and my furniture is gray. I drive a black vehicle and I wear mostly black or blue. I guess I'm pretty boring...lol
Sandra said…
I get road rage behind shoppers every time I shop... I am a fast walker and others are not. beautiful bed covering and cute fan. have not seen those in our WM yet. I bought one but it was boring beige. our suv is white our truck is silver. in Florida those colors are a necessity because the sun fades colors in one year on cars or houses. I like colors on cars if they are sports cars or antique
Pam, I love color. Red and its many shades really appeal to me! I'm glad to hear Lily is lively again--she must be feeling better. ♥
Sally said…
Love the comforter! You're like my daughter with the love of purple. :)

I have road rage in my head just about every time I drive. It's crazy, to me at least, that when the speed limit is like 45 and people fly past. I know it's not very nice, but I sometimes wish I could see them get a ticket. LOL

My car is grey, like Sandra said 'in florida'. :)

Jeanie said…
I wish you hadn't shown that colorful fan. Now I want one! Sigh!
Rhodesia said…
I love purple. As for cars not that interesting one white and one silver! Enjoy your day Diane
Darla M Sands said…
So glad Lilly feels better. Tilly seems to feel great still. I'm crossing my fingers her liquid antibiotic doesn't miss her mouth tonight so we can clear the bladder infection. ~sigh~ It's tough keeping the liquid from ricocheting off her tongue or dribbling out. Heh... Be well!
Liz A. said…
I'm all for painting walls purple. Had a living room that color a few years back. If you're going to do neutral walls, though, you should have a bright couch...

My car is blue.

Good idea to start the project now. That way no deadline pressure.

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