Nap Time

It amazes me how
well Dakota has taken
to Lily being with us.

And it is so funny that 
when she lays down
to sleep, she gets as
close to him as she can.

One of my fav shots below.

I love watching her play and 

thought for the day!
so true.

The building craze in Nashville.


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Liz A. said…
I guess they don't fight like cats and dogs...
Sharon Qualls said…
Kittens/puppies like to be by the new 'mom.'
Ann said…
Aren't they sweet. They're best buds :) Cats always amaze me with positions they can get themselves in when they sleep.

That last picture with "cute little cottage" cracked me up. I don't think I could live in anything like that and no way would I ever pay that kind of
Darla M Sands said…
These two are adorable together. As for Nashville, my partner asked why it's become such a destination for new residents and I didn't know how to answer. Any idea, my friend? Best wishes!
Debbie said…
awwww, they be cuddle buddies!! i laughed out loud at the tiny house!!!
Sandra said…
looks like Nashville is headed to being like NYC... these photos have me smiling so big it hurts my face. if I had these two in my house I would snap myself silly. they are sooooooooooooo sweet together
Rhodesia said…
You are so lucky they have taken to each other so well. Inseparable pals it seems. Take care Diane
Sally said…
How very sweet! :)

I've been hearing about Nashville, but actually it's like that here also. I know you must be mighty glad you bought your house a long time ago. Good for you!

Red Rose Alley said…
That is so funny that Dakota and Lily sleep that close together. They must really have a bond with each other. These are wonderful pictures, Pam.


ps...I'm so glad you tried the raspberry loaf at Starbucks and liked it. I get it
often (the lemon loaf too). : )
Denise inVA said…
Very cute pics Pam, a couple of little darlings. I have looked at the tiny home show on the Home Garden Channel. I would love to see the inside of this one.
Jeanie said…
Your Dakota/Lily photos are always my favorites. Love Lily to the max with sweet memories and I love the sleeping ones. These are real treasures, Pam. It all sounds wonderful.

Thanks for coming to my blog and very nice words! Since you're no-reply, can't reply directly but always glad to see you there!

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