My July 4th

I am behind...
so what is new!

My 4th was great.

Barb and hubby Phil, always
have a cook out so I went there. 
Barb is one of my best
friends. We have been
friends for 45 yrs. 

The food was wonder.
I ate some pasta and tater salad!
Not had anything like that
in months.


And check out the sweets!

This was totally YUMMY.
Banana pudding is one
of my all time
favors. Billy, Barb's

The company was awesome!
I was adopted into this family
years ago.
That is Barb in the red shirt, standing.
Around the table is (left to right)
Uncle Buster, he lives in Indiana but
his here visiting the family.
Next to him is Lisa, she is 
a newer addition cause she is
dating Barry, Barb's younger
brother. That is Barry beside
her.. Then there is Thomas he
is Barb's mom's boyfriend.
Next to him in the 
lighter colored shirt is
Barb's ex brother in law.
And next to him, you can
only see the back of her head
is Barb's mom.

Sarah sitting on the floor and
Sarah's sister Angela.
These are Barb's nieces.

Left to right is Barb's mom in law, Mrs. Ware.
Jeremy next, married to Sarah and then 
Sarah's oldest Gracie. That would be 
Phil Ware, Barb's hubby on the end.
He is not just Phil, he is
Phil Ware, that is what everyone
calls him.

Gracie and Barb.

Rayna in the doorway, she is Barb's daughter
in law, married to Chris, who is helping
Mrs Ware up. Chris is the new graduated
State Trooper. And that would
be Lincoln on the floor.
Lincoln is Sarah's youngest.
She has four of the best behaved
kids I know.

Now...with all of that....

My niece Paige had her
2nd anniversary on the 4th.
This is her with hubby Adam.
Yes, Paige is a little thing and
Adam is a bigger thing! haha
Adam played arena football for
Philadelphia Souls. 

Look how young Paige looks.
She will be 30 in Sept. 
I can't help but think that she
looks way to young to be
standing up in front of a class
of college students teaching!

Isn't she beautiful?

and the wisdom for the day.

Thanks for coming by for a visit, 


Sandra said…
holidays are good for getting together with friends and family and you had both. the bride and groom made me smile because my son is 6'4'' and his wife is 5' even, the photo made me think of them and a few others I know that are the long and short of it all.
Rhodesia said…
Glad you had such a wonderful day. Love your photos. Take care Diane
Denise inVA said…
A lovely time with your friend and her family Pam, great photos!
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh my, look at all this Yummy food. I want some of that banana pudding! It looks like you had a fun celebration for the fourth of July. It was a quiet one this year for us, and just made hot dogs and baked beans and watched some fireworks later on. That's amazing that you've been friends with Barb for 45 years!

Happy July days, Pam.

Vee said…
Now THAT was a gathering! You did well to remember everybody! Glad that you had a wonderful time.
What a nice big group to celebrate Independence Day. The food looks wonderful, Pam. We had a quiet time with a cookout and firework's viewing. Have a nice evening. ♥
Mildred said…
So nice to be included with this great family/friends. My dad could make a wonderful banana pudding!
Liz A. said…
Looks like you had a great day.
Jeanie said…
Your fourth looks loads of fun -- and you certainly ate well! How fun to celebrate this with your family!
Debbie said…
looks like a fun 4th!!! and another great quote!!

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