Knobs and Lily

I have picked up 3 sets of 
these older knobs for my
doors. I have new doors
to replace my old ones but
I am going to replace all knobs
with these. 

Question, spray paint them
or leave them the way they
are. My facebook fans vote to
leave it this way...
so I am leaving it this way.
The one for my bedroom door is

She is a total mess.

She even loves the empty 
watering bowl I keep on the deck.

Oh my gosh....
love that face.

She stretches out long.

Had my finger on the button at
the correct time for the shot

She actually curled up in my arms
to sleep.


My thought for the day!

Thanks for stopping in to visit,


Denise inVA said…
Great quote. Loved the photos of Lily. Your door knobs, I would leave them just the way they are, in my humble opinion:)
Sandra said…
I need to do more things that make me forget to play in PicMonkey, .. love love love the Lily in the Pan... so sweet. she is adorable.... leave the knobs the way they are is my vote
Sally said…
Yes on the knobs.
Yes on Lily; such a cutie! :)

Darla M Sands said…
That quote is awesome! I'm for leaving the knobs the way they are, too. ~grin~ Be well! Oh, and I forgot to say I do have minor weekend plans besides writing. There is a food truck rally Sunday at a neat local place with a wading fountain. And they have live music. I hope it's not too hot.
Jeanie said…
Well, it's pretty clear that you've fallen in love! And who wouldn't with such a sweet girl. Don't you love it when they stretch out like that? Pure bliss.
Kim Standard said…
I am not an expert but I would leave them natural. Such a cute. 🐱 cat
Ann Thompson said…
I like the knobs the way they are but painted and distressed would be good too.
Luly is outdoing herself with the poses. She's totally adorable
Rhodesia said…
I so miss not having any animals now as I have had them all my life. We want to travel so it is really not fair so no more animals for the time being. I just have to enjoy yours. Diane
Liz A. said…
I like the doorknobs au natural. But I can see painting them, too.

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