Guest Room Redo

Hello folks.

I have been working on redoing my guest room.
It has taken me over 3 months.
This project should NEVER
have taken that long but between 
helping mom, trying to live a life and
the really rough days with the Fibro.
It would be work a day here and there
and crash for several days. I try not to 
get mad at myself, at my body but it is
what it is. 

To recap what I have done.
First step. I ripped up the carpet.
I did this in workable size cuts so
that I could put it in a trash bag and send
it out with the trash. I have owned my home
for 25 yrs. and my carpet has been down
since I moved in. 

I then jumped to painting.
I painted the ceiling. It is a texture
ceiling so you paint forward, backwards,
and side to side to be sure you get the texture
that is away from the ceiling on all sides.

From there I painted the walls. 
That little bit I did should not have
taken more then 4 days. It took a month.

I watch Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV
and the Property Brothers so I wanted
to more then just paint.

I added bead board 1/2 way up on 
one wall.

From there I laid some easy flooring.
I went to Lowes to see what they
had that I could do and I found
Shaw Resilient Versa Lock
flooring. No nails, no glue, 
not peel and stick...
you lay it down in a starting point
and then you just start locking
pieces to it, and a way you 

After the floor I had to add shoe moulding
cause there was a gap there since I took
up the carpet. If you have never noticed
you don' t have shoe moulding on your
baseboards if you have carpet.

So here it is added to the bottom
of the baseboard.

Next I decided to move my kitchen
cabinet from the kitchen to
that room. I had not gotten
around to painting this since
I was trying to decide what I wanted
to do with it.

Sort of hard to see from the
pic but the inside was 
painted a light blue.
the whole thing was painted 
in chalk paint and I really, really
don't like that paint. 

The pulls were also painted
blue. I thought I would strip them
down to the metal but I have
decided that maybe this piece
just needs new pulls.

Another pic of this piece before paint.
If you look hard you can see scratches and 
rough spots on it.

Its finished all except getting the pulls. 
I will head to Lowes in a few days and get them.
Check out Lily photo bombing this pic.

The towels that are hanging out of the drawer are
actually table runners. The darker one I started about
15 yrs ago and recently finished after packing it up
for years and the white one my mom embroideryed
in 1957.

Never fear. I am not done. I still have to hang,
prime and paint the closet doors. HAHA...that I have
had stored in the other room for 10 yrs. Yes, I planned on 
putting them up 10 yrs ago. Oops....of well. 

When I started painting the cabinet I decided that
I was not painting the very back wall of the cabinet 
because I planned on doing something else.

Scrap book paper!

I love the look. I thought this paper looked like an 
old pattern. The colors were perfect and go great
with the curtains and bedspread.

From doing the cabinet I decided to paint the 
frame of a mirror I got for $10. I have nothing
to attach it too so I am letting it stand in the 
corner of the room.

I always save my shower liners when I change
them out. Great drop clothes for painting.
I laid it across the bed and went to town.
Primed the frame and painted it.

Finished product and Lily wanted in the pic

Years ago my brother gave me this table.
It did not have the brown tint to it. It was
more white, I took stain and went over
it so that it would blend with my wood
furniture. But....for this room it needed
to be painted. 

Yep, primed and painted.
And here is the finished piece.

The books on the bottom shelve are mine.
When I was a child a school in Georgia was
closing and they were giving library books
away. My grandfather got a bunch and these
are the ones I picked out to have.
The two smaller ones my great grandmother
gave me. 

I love the curtains. My mom got these yrs ago
and they hung in her sewing room. She replaced them
sometime ago, packing these up. They are great for 
this room.

My mom also had this adorable bedspread.
It has the green in it that is in the curtains
and in the paper I put in the cabinet. The painting
is one I did in 2006.  It has hung in this room, 3
the other room and my room but I think it has found
a home right here over my antique metal bed. 

In this corner I have a high chair that my brother made
when my daughter was a toddler, she is 36 now. 
That is one of my old dolls in there. The rocker
was mine and I will be moving it to put in front
of the closet once I have the doors up. Also, sitting
in front of the high chair is more flooring.

The view when you walk in. I think Lily has claimed
this room.

And there is my little over 3 month project.
I am in love with it. 
I will work on the closet doors and then I 
have a friend that is going to help me
hang a new light.

HAHA....when I say NEW, I mean new
to that room. It is an old chandelier that
I purchased for $30. 

Yep....not that pretty but with a little
love it actually turned out great.

Nope...this is not it with the little love.
I actually don't have a finished pic.
I took the glass  pieces off and 
cleaned them all. I scrubbed the 
light itself and then I spray painted
it the off white of the table, the mirror
and the cabinet are painted.
When it is hung I will put the glass
pieces back on and I will
take a pic of that to post.

Okay...that is it.
Once the pulls are on the cabinet,
the closet doors are up and 
the light is hanging I will
be all done.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Red Rose Alley said…
Your guest room looks very nice. I love that painting above the bed. This room looks so cozy and welcoming. You did a great job, Pam.

Great job, Pam! Congratulations on a job well done! That's a lot of work and I applaud you. Your painting above the bed is beautiful. You are a woman that can truly do everything. ♥
Sharon Qualls said…
It's turning into quite a sweet little guestroom!
Rhodesia said…
Well done you have done wonders. Diane
Ann said…
That room looks great. I love the idea of the scrapbook paper on the back wall of that cabinet.
Sandra said…
you are truly gifted, you have the eye for a vision and completing it. I can do none of this, I used to paint walls and furniture, many years ago. I love the floor, and the bed and the quilt on the bed. a lovely room.. I am now wondering if that locking floor would work on our living room. I assume the concrete would have to be smooth and not sure it is. you probably don't have concrete to lay it on. ours is on a slab
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! I'm impressed. And great idea on the shower curtain liners. Clever!
Sally said…
You remind me of another friend of mine, Pam. I believe the two of you can do anything you put your minds to. You did a great, wonderful job on the room! Love the chair rail. I tried to do that once, and it didn't exactly look as good as yours. LOL

Jeanie said…
Very nice! I love your quilt and that paper behind the shelves is lovely. Be careful -- your guests will never want to leave!

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