Hometown Swimming Hole

My mom is from a small
town in Georgia.
My great grandma lived
there when I was a little
girl and is buried there, 
Cedartown, Ga.

The fav place for me and my
brothers and cousins to
visit when we went to see
my great grandma was the 
swimming hole down the
It was where the town
got its water once it was
filter through. 

I loved this place.
The road ended in the
water and picked up
on the other side.
I remember seeing folks
pull their car down there and 
wash it.

Been years since I have been
there to visit. I lost
my great grandma in the 
early 70's. Mom and 
I took at trip there 30 years
or so ago and I remember that 
there has been a blockage built
to prevent anyone from driving
into the water. 

I have great memories of
this place.

you can see the road in the 
pic below.

These are pics that I have pulled
off a Cedartown Ga. facebook

We rarely went on the other
side of the bridge. There were
more weeds and stuff on that
side so I think we convinced ourselves
that there would be snakes on that
like they would not swim under the
bridge to where we were playing.

You can see that the water
would narrow down in the 
pic above, that is
where the water feeds to the 
processing building.

This is a pic I took MANY, MANY
years ago of my cousins.
Left to right...
Jerri, Margaret, Kim, Tammy, Becky,
Annette and Donna Lynn.
Kim and Tammy are from
different families. The others are
all sisters.
They were all sitting on the bridge
with their feet hanging over
the sides.

This is the second pic that I have painted
my mom of that bridge.
The first one was a 16x20
that hung in the dinning room
from the time I was in 11th grade
till I painted this one at the age of
43 or 44. 
I do not have a pic of the first but
next time at mom's I will
shoot one. I thought for years
that it was great!
Great until I really learned to 

Thank you for stopping in, 


Ann said…
Nice memories and I like the painting
Kim Standard said…
Wow the painting is gorgeous! I have the same memories from like swimming in the creek, staying away from the snake that went swimming by. Kids logic lol
Liz A. said…
It was great. You just got better.
Mildred said…
What sweet memories from childhood and so funny about the snakes "not coming to your side of the bridge!" lol
Your painting is pretty.
Sandra said…
since I can't paint a single daub of paint, this one looks great to me. lots of memories here and I love the cousins... I have a photo of me at 15 sitting on a similar stone wall. I had forgotten about washing cars in the river water.
That does look like a fun place to go swimming.
Darla M Sands said…
I can hardly wait to see your early painting, which is sure to impress me. ~hugs~ Thank you for sharing this. I'm reminded of my old hometown, where a stream ran across a park road in times of high water. My brother drove me through in his first car to give me a thrill. ~grin~ I wonder if he and a family friend are going to that town's Bratwurst Festival this summer. Hmmm... It'd be fun to meet them there if it's not too hot. Be well!
Sally said…
We had a neat place to swim also, Pam. And, this post reminds me. Wasn't it fun growing up with cousins? I have so many fond memories of mine. :)

You're a wonderful artist, and can do so many things. I'm in awe of you!

Rhodesia said…
Great memories and I love that painting. Diane
Dewena said…
What a beautiful painting! And your memories of swimming with the cousins reminded me of the wonderful times I had with so many cousins in the past. But at least now we keep up with each other on FB.

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