Happy Bday / Rocks

Today my son 
turned 30 yrs old at
11:38 this morn.

Happy bday son.

615 Rocks

Here are a few rocks 
I pulled off the 615 Rocks
FB page.

Loving this next idea.

Even children are painting 
rocks to drop for others
to find.

615 is the area code for 
Nashville and surrounding
area .

The movement is to paint a 
rock, drop it somewhere it
will be found. Some people
will keep their find or maybe
they redrop it for someone
else to find. Brings 
smiles to folks when
they find a rock. 
This not only is happening
in the Nashville area, but
all over the state and other
states too. 
Check it out of FB and key in 
your area code and the word 
rocks. See if this is taking
place in your area.

Yesterday I dropped two 
615 Rocks.

The above rock was dropped
in Walmart's parking lot.

and this pretty one 

was dropped at Sonic.

I also dropped this painting 
off at 

Dropped it off for 
Free Art Movement - Nashville.

Thought for the day.

Thanks for stopping in, 


We have this rocking going on here as well, Pam. I love the ones you painted. Happy birthday to your son. Have a nice weekend. ♥
What a fun idea...I am off to see if it is happening in NY!!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so thankful for little kindnesses and wonderful imaginations. Thank you for sharing. This made me smile. And happy birthday to your son!
Denise inVA said…
Happy birthday to your son. I see we share a birthday Great rock photos, loved the thought for the day too.
Rhodesia said…
How time flies while children are growing up :-) Love the giraffe rock. Have a good day Diane
Ann said…
Happy birthday to your son. My son turned 30 this year too on June 4th.
Loving all those rocks.
Sandra said…
I love that quote at the end. and the painting at starbucks is cool. love it and Happy birthday to your son. some of the rocks are really pretty and show talent. the one that is a finger gets UCK! from me
Robert Bennett said…
Oh wow! Happy Birthday! Haha, I'm right behind him at the end of the month. :)
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, Happy Birthday to your dear son! I hope he had a wonderful day. I think that's such a great idea for the people in town to paint their rock and drop it somewhere it will be found. These are so cool and creative. I like the rainbow colored one.....and the smile.

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Nel. : )

Sally said…
Your son is very handsome; Happy Birthday to him!

Love the idea about the rocks - I hadn't heard about it before! :)

My granddaughter turned 30 on June 20th, Pam. I can hardly believe it!!

Betsy said…
You are really rockin' . Happy Birthday to 30 years young. Love the quote and isn't that squirrely from over the hedge cartoon movie? Love squirrely.
S. J. Qualls said…
Happy Birthday to your son!
I remember when painting rocks was all the rage, before. :-) What is old will be new again, ha ha. Wonder if I still have the ones my older children made? Hmm.
Mildred said…
Happy belated birthday to your son.
I love these rocks and did not know about this. Very fun idea!!!
Liz A. said…
Happy belated birthday to your son.

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