Funny Little Things

My mind is always going 
and I am always looking for
usual things. 
Funny street signs.
Cool mailboxes.
Cool color doors.
Images in the clouds.
and funny little things.

This made me laugh.

Just in case your lips
get raw from kissing....
you know....

Please tell me I am not
the only one that finds 
that funny!

Sitting in an office
(somewhere, can't 
remember where I took this)

See the closed eyes
and a smile!


LOL....tell me you remember
This reminded me of him!

Heart in the snow.

Working at the TN School for the Blind
and going  into the building there
was this image.
What do you see.

I actually saw a traffic guard with 
their hand up, missing
the stop sign though.

A year ago this past
spring I was in the 
hospital with a really
wicked kidney infection
(5 boring uncomfortable days)...
And above the bed I 
was looking into this
Two eyes, nose and mouth.
Makes me wonder if this
was done on 

And we all know this reminds
us of an octopus!
The door in what was my
office at the school. 

Fence at mom's...
eyes, nose and mouth in 
an O shape. 

Love riding around country
roads.....and look what
I saw!

We had street signs on campus
at the school and one
day heading into work
I look down to see this.

Driving down the road.
Yep, had to turn around
and go back to get this

Another back roads view!
Jamming to the music.

HAHA....saw this out
at Halloween but
I would leave it out
all the time!

Another face.
Alien face with
slanted eyes and looking
really wicked.

Staining shelves one day and 
looked down to see a
Must have been loving
the project I was working on.

Another eye just watching you.
Check out the thick eye brow!

Here is your thought for the day!

One last fact!

I have green eyes and I love to 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann Thompson said…
Yep I find that first one funny. I'm always seeing faces in things too.
Sharon Qualls said…
I wonder where they got the trunk decal ... Real cute!
Oh, these are priceless, Pam! Love your sense of humor! xx Karen
Sally said…
Some good ones, Pam. Yep, I have green eyes too!

The first one; nope don't want that stuff on my lips. :)

Mildred said…
These were fun photos. Hope you have a great time this evening with friends.
Liz A. said…
There was an episode of something... Can't remember what it was, but it was in the vein of The Twilight Zone. (It was the '80s, so it might have been the remake of TZ or one of the other similar shows.) A woman was institutionalized because of all the faces she saw in random patters. Only, it turns out they were actually after her...
I love this post, Pam! I see these things all the time. I love that you photographed them! ♥
Yes, I get it! I see them all! Great post! Happy Summer!
Betsy said…
I don't have a favorite here, all are wonderful. You have an eye for sure. The shadow cross, that is amazing to see that.
The thing for lips is so funny. Thank you for all of these "through your eyes" funnies I call them.
Mr. Bill, I used to always watch on SNL. I don't watch SNL any more as it's lost something along the way.
Stay cool, gonna be 99 here tomorrow.

Darla M Sands said…
Green or not, you do have a good eye. ~grin~ Be well!
Sandra said…
I have green eyes also. and I see everything you saw, but not sure I would if you had not taken the photos. you have an eye for detail... I did what I told you and the past week I have looked at every door on every street and I found not one single bright colored door like the ones you showed us.... all were white or wood or matched the paint on the house. it might be because our sun eats up paint like crazy, painting bright colors in Florida sun would have to be painted each year. I enjoyed seeing through you lens what you saw
eileeninmd said…
Hello, these are fun photos. I like to find the funny faces and eyes. Great finds and photos.
Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead. PS, thanks for visiting my blog.
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) Thank you for your comment!:) I was smiling all the way through your post. Great observations, and humour. I'm always seeing things in wood and tree bark, but now I'll be looking at plugs and door handles!:=)
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, your post really hit home for me, as I often see images in the clouds, and one time on the church floor I saw a young girl holding a cup. My friend saw it too. How wonderful that your imagination lets you see them also. The door with the face is delightful. And at the School for the Blind I see a person waving. My favorite was the eye on the wooden plank, that's amazing. This was a wonderful post, and we get many signs throughout the day; we just have to look close enough to see them. : )

Rhodesia said…
You have great eye and with a little imagination you produce same great photos. I also have green eyes. I was always told I had cat's eyes!! Keep well Diane
Kim Standard said…
I saw a traffic man also! You do see a lot of faces. I see them too now lol. It's always good to laugh

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