Yesterday, Today and Maybe Tomorrow...

Found this on the 
of course!

Neat idea for the bathroom.

Headed out the other day
and I saw this in the driveway.
I thought at first it was a mom
grasshopper carrying her baby
grasshopper....haha, after looking
that up on the internet I found that
grasshoppers leave the babes as
soon as they are born.

So....I think they need
to get a room. 

This was on my car at the same
time I saw the 

This is an Assassin Bug.
I hear they are wicked,
they sting or bite...
ugly looking anyway.

I am looking for items
to pull together a Halloween
costume so I went to 
the Goodwill. I know I have issues
sleeping at time but I think
I would not do this....
go to Goodwill to nap!

Years ago....about 15 or so
mom bought this dress on one
of her Kohl's adventures.
It was $30 marked to 18 and I 
am sure she got more off
at the sale cause she would not
have paid 18 for this.

It was too small on me at the 
time. I kept it.

I can wear it now.

Great buy at Goodwill today.
The larger star was 2.99
and the smaller one was 1.99.
I have them hanging on the front

I also found this..

I did not purchase this but
it was perfect.
A bone shaped frame
with a crown on it...
for the KING.

After my adventures out
today I come home to this mess.
YES...that sweet looking
LILY did this.
A new roll of TP!
I went to pick it up and 
she wanted to play in it. 

After a couple of taps on the
nose and the repeat of the
word NO....maybe she got 
the meaning!

Went out yesterday evening
to look around the yard and 
throw some water on my
plants. Every thing including the
yard is really green from the 
rains we had been having 
but that will not last unless 
we get more.

This is my Crape Myrtle 
(red) bush back in the 

Look at all the new growth
on the top of it now.

This is my red bush and 
it has just a couple of 
blooms on it since it is
still new. 

But this bush is weighted down
with pink blooms.
It is an older bush. It was 1988!

It was a small little bush 
given to me by a friend I 
worked with the yr before the
Nashville tornado's that
actually took her bushes (mature ones)

Yesterday while checking out he 
yard I noticed that this was
just hanging....NO breeze
hot or cool was stirring.

I think I need my crown!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann said…
You might need to do that Pinterest idea to keep Lily out of the toilet paper. I couldn't help laughing when I saw the picture of her fun.
That assasin bug is really ugly.
Your crepe myrtle is lovely, Pam! Your Lily is so playful--she must be feeling better. ♥
Liz A. said…
I assume the Goodwill napper was probably waiting for someone. You know how it goes--you go out with someone, and they take on whatever they're looking for.
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, what an unusual looking bug. It looks kind of creepy. The stars you got at Good Will remind me of Autumn. They must look nice on your front porch. Oh no, Lily got into the toilet paper! I've never seen red crepe myrtles before, how interesting. The pink blossoms are so pretty.

Enjoy the last of these July days, Pam.

Sally said…
You are sweet on the inside; it didn't take me long to figure that out. :)

I don't shop Goodwill anymore, some day will explain. But, I know you do get good deals there (like the stars).

That Lily is a pistol, isn't she?

Kim Standard said…
I love Goodwill finds! Great to have the dress. The crepe myrtle is doing really good, beautiful. The bone pic frame is so cute.
Sandra said…
my crown might be tarnished. HE HE HE... i love finding something i could not wear and fit into it. laughing at the Lily Mess... we have had that mess twice but they were done by dogs. Max did the TP and ate a hole in the bathroom door
Debbie said…
you are active and busy and very creative...i'm sure i have said that in the past!!

outside you are looking healthy and green, we have gotten a lot of rain as well, and everything here is growing well!!!

my sons use to do that with the toilet paper, they always thought it was so funny!!!
Darla M Sands said…
For a short time I turned the toilet roll the other way. That stopped the mess. ~grin~ You look adorable in your dress! Be well, my dear.
Jeanie said…
You have wonderful luck at goodwill. I need to take in a load so maybe I'll luck out, too!
Rhodesia said…
Wonderful that you can get into clothes that you could not wear before, very cheering :-) Keep up the good work. Diane

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