Doors Again

Finally.....Finally remembered to change out my
4th of July door decoration. I think this is a 
good between holidays door decoration.

Sandra over at
told me that she has looked around her area in 
Fla. and has not seen any color doors.
Really? I thought Fla. would be on the 
deal ones or sea green ones for sure.

Anyway, was out this morning and I was
driving around an area I have not looked
before. Teal is really moving up the list
of door colors but I think red of different
shades is number one so far. 

Another teal door.

Rocking with a blue sort of teal.

Check out this bright blue. Loving it.

This is an orange sort of brownish red....if there
is such a color.

A bright green.

Wow....Bright yellow.

Teal again. Up the street from me.

and a cool paler blue green?

Not meaning to insult or offend but my thoughts and
they are just thoughts....
I love the color doors but I do not like
painted shutters and doors that are not
painted to match or painted a cool color.
Not a fan of white doors and color

Like this...

or this.....

Bad shot but....I can handle this
shutters and white door. That just seems ok.

This is better cause the door is creamy color but
personally, I think it would look better
if the door was the same color as the shutters.

Can you say OBSESSED with doors? haha...

thought for the day.....

Thanks for stopping in, 


Interesting doors. Thank you for stopping over at my blog Just Breathe. You are a no reply for comments so I couldn't respond back. Thanks for playing along and answering Joyce's questions. Hope you have a nice weekend. Nice to meet you.
Sandra said…
more colored doors, just amazes me..
Liz A. said…
As long as the color isn't obnoxious, but that's just my opinion. If there's an HOA, homeowners might not be allowed to paint their doors any color but those allowed. Some communities are stuck with such rules.
Sharon Qualls said…
Hmm, thought a red door was a proclamation that the house was yours, or paid off.
Pam, you are finding some more interesting doors. I too like it much better when the doors and the shutters are painted the same color. ♥
Rhodesia said…
Love the door.
Have you seen this:-
Sally said…
Pam, not sure if you know I live in FL, but our back door is painted RED, and I love it. Our house is white with black shutters and front door. :)

As always, enjoy your photos.

Darla M Sands said…
Our front door does not have a screen door over it, which seemed a good idea due to frequent high winds up the back hill. Unfortunately, the sun beats the crap out of the thing. ~sigh~ If we ever get to replacing the door (toward the bottom of an endless home renovations list), I'll keep your ideas in mind. ~hugs~ I hope you are feeling well this evening and hope what Rhodesia found proves helpful.
Ann said…
You sure do find some colorful doors around there.

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