Dinner/Lily/Nashville and Other

Good morning all!

Facebook has been an awesome outlet
for reconnecting with folks from your
past that you might have lost contact with.

Since 2009 with the help of FB I reconnected
with a lot of folks I lost contact with
after school, while I was raising a family
and making a life. 

Up until a couple of years ago several
groups here and there would do get
together's but life took us all in 
different directions.

Summer months usually found 
small DuPont reunions happening
at the dock where a group of guys
that went to DuPont were 

Some of these guys have played
together since in elementary 
school. All but one guys is 
from Old Hickory TN. (where
our Jr. High is located). 

I took this photo for
the guys a few yrs ago.

Yesterdays post I asked if anyone knew
where the name Old Hickory came from.
I have also posted pics of the sky over
Hermitage Property ~ Home
of President Andrew Jackson.
Got a guess....
okay, very well I will tell you.
Old Hickory is the nickname
that troops gave Jackson in battle.
Said he was tough as 

With all that said, me and five other ladies
got together for dinner last night.

The lady on the end in the blue is
Carol. I have known Carol since
we were in the second grade!
She is going through a lot right now.
Sister had a couple of strokes a 
few months ago and is not doing 
well. While being in a nursing
home to rehab she developed 
MRSA.  During all that he
husband has a spot on his 
throat and will be having an MRI on
that. And there is a chance that 
Carol will lose both her legs.
Carol was born with a hole in 
her heart and her feet turned to
the sides. Since school she has
had surgeries to straighten her
legs and through the yrs she
has suffered. She walks with a
cane and is in constant pain.
With all said and done, the legs
are in such bad shape that removing
them might be the only chance she 

Next to Carol is Dawn. Dawn lives in the subdivision that backs mine
and yet I have not seen her in  a couple of yrs. Both Carol and 
Dawn graduated in 1978.

The lady on the end is Bonita (in blue). Bo graduated in 77 and 
they are actually having a reunion at the end of the month.
I knew of Bo in school but I did not know her until 2009.

In the middle is Laura. Laura also graduated
in 1978. She recently sold her business. 
Her and a friend of her's had a care giver
company, where the placed care givers
in homes where they were needed. He and
her hubby have sold their home and bought
a another one. They are painting and doing
some work on the older one to put on the 
market. Hubby will be retiring soon with 

Next is Sharon. Again, I did not know her
personally while in school but she is
a sweetie. Lived in Az. for awhile
but moved back to TN a few yrs ago. 
Her and soon to be hubby are buying 
a home. 

We met for dinner and had a great time! Laughs and conversation
was fun. 

This is downtown Nashville.

News report is that OVER 100 new people
are moving into Nashville and surrounding
areas A DAY!

That explains the traffic!
Homes are going up all 
over the place. And the days
of having a home built on 
property is a thing of the past. 

Drive way in the back with an
alley that takes you to it
and a carport...no yard. 
Starting prices 
235 thousand up to 
over 250 thousand. 

Sorry to keep posting pics of Lily
but she is a major source of 
entertainment for Dakota
and I.
Thinking since retirement I 
might need to get a life!!

Just like a KID, give her
a box and she is happy!

Do you see her?

HAHA...see things don't seem
to change through the yrs.
This is my now 30 yrs old
son playing in a box!!

Back to Lily in the box!

But keep in mind...
she plays hard and 
she sleeps and naps
a lot. Of course she is 
still a baby.

Check out that tiny little nose!

Funny site..
playing from under the chair.

Thinking Halloween already!
I am thinking of renting a booth
in Oct. as a fund raiser for
the Pet Community Center.
The night will be 
Behind the Mask,: Hero or 

As a vendor I will be dressing
as a Hero.
Velma from Scooby Doo!

Thanks to all that comment on 
my photos of my blog.
I have been told since I 
picked up a camera that 
I have the eye!

Oops....wrong eye. 
I actually have two!


You thought for the day...
If you are having a bad day keep
this in mind!

Thanks for stopping in,


Sharon Qualls said…
Housing has really gotten out of hand. Values of older homes continue to shrink.
Some days, one needs a bushel of apples ...
Sally said…
I'm glad you had a fun time with your friends at dinner! I'm sorry for your friend, Carol, though. Doesn't sound good about her husband either. Will say a prayer for them.

Have only been to Nashville once since childhood. Egads, the traffic on the interstate was horrific. I did enjoy my visit though with cousins. They've lived there for many, many years. :)

Darla M Sands said…
"Old Hickory" - of course! I remember that now. Thanks for the answer. Blessings to all these folks and you. I need to be super thankful for my health. ~hugs~ I'm glad you and Dakota are enjoying your new roommate. ~grin~ My old fat cats refuse to play these days. I rather miss it. Of course, Tilly has decided to splash her drinking water all over recently. She may need a trip to the vet again, taking pills for hyperthyroidism as it is. A serving platter is now her water dish in case her whiskers are overly sensitized by the sides of the bowl. ??? And it sits on a storage lid to catch spillage as well. So far the water hasn't gotten disgustingly dirtied and there are no puddles on the floor. We shall see what the future holds.
Sandra said…
I love the Lily pics, keep them coming, especially the Paw and the ball. to cute. glad you had an outing with old friends. I find that I have hooked up with a lot of old friends to on FB and a few I wish I had not. LOL.... it is a great place to find people. I found a friend from KY when I was 12 to 15.. and now we are in our 70's, I last saw her in Dec 1959..
Rhodesia said…
You have beautiful eyes.
Hearing your health stories about friends it makes me realise that we must never take for granted our good health and minor ailments. There is always someone else so much more worse off.
Lovely photos and great memories. Diane
Debbie said…
i love Facebook. most of my nieces and nephews are grown and gone. alaska, new zealand....places far and away, fb is a great way for me to keep in touch with them and for all of us to stay connected. i too, have connected with old friends and my high school class has a page, it's fun!!

this was a fun post, the kitties are adorable!!!
Jeanie said…
It's sounds like a really wonderful time -- I'm so glad you pulled it together! Just adore sweet Lily. She's a gem!
Ann Thompson said…
Nice to get together with old friends. I haven't seen anyone that I went to school with in probably 30 years.
Pictures of adorable fur babies are always good.
Liz A. said…
It's amazing who you can find on FB. Glad you were able to reconnect.
Betsy said…
Good to meet up with your friends and soundsl like a good time was had by all. Your friend Carol is going through a lot and her husband, sad to hear. My neices husband contracted MRSA in high school. He is o.k. but I never knew much about the disease and if it has any long term effects later in life.
Nashville is terribe now with traffic and crouds. My neice lived there for several years after college and is a photographer. She did well with work in Nashville that's for sure. Got to meet and photograph some talented people.
You have a good weekend to come and stay cool , it's miserable here in Va.

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