Clouds/Skies/ Sunsets/Sunrises

I love the sky!
Remember when you were
young you would lay in the 
yard and try to pick out
things or images in the clouds?

I do it while I drive!

Do you see the pig?

What about Mickey's ears?

the top of a woman's body.
I took the pic cause the
clouds looked strange
and it was not until I loaded
it to the computer that I saw
And a narrow waist.


X marks the spot with
this pic.

This is a sunset shot.
I catch more sunsets because
I really am never up for
a sunrise! 

looking clouds.

One of my all time favs.
This is a sunrise.
I took this at 
Paris Landing State
Park when I was there
for a unit meeting
when I worked at the 
Tennessee Bureau of

Another Paris Landing
shot. I got up
really early before a meeting
for these pics.

Wow...I have more sunrises then
I thought.
I got this one over looking
East Nashville on my
way to work one morning.

I loved this.
The sunshine shooting
though an opening
in the sky over The
Hermitage -
Home of President
Andrew Jackson.

This is also over Hermitage

HAHA....okay, now I think that 
maybe I do have more sunrise
Took this on my way to moms
to drop Dakota off when
I was working.


I remember this one was taken
over Old Hickory Lake while
I was sitting on the dock listening
to the Old Hickory Boys
play one evening.

(Old Hickory Boys - group of guys
I went to school with. They have
been playing together since
elementary school - we are all
in our 50's)

Sunrise again. Over Tulip Grove
mansion, part of the 
Hermitage property. 

Yay...look it is a SUNSET pic.

More cool wispy clouds.

Night shot.
Yes, this is how it actually looked. 
Pretty cool in itself.

But this is even cooler.
I added clouds to it with 
one of my programs.

Sunset over Old Hickory Lake.
I actually live between Old
Hickory and Percy Priest lakes.

Took this one outside
at the house.

Love that I caught the plane
in this pic.

Love using trees to frame
out the sun.

Old Hickory Lake.
I take my sunsets there 
cause the sun rises over
Percy Priest and sets
over OHL.
Next 3 shots are 
Old Hickory Lake
(do you know where the
name Old Hickory came

Framed this one to set on my end table.


The Tennessee Bureau of 
Investigation is located on
a hill over looking 

Got this shot on the way home one

And another day I got this one.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Nashville skies
through my eyes.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Jeanie said…
Well, I am NEVER up for a sunrise! But oh, you have some gorgeous images here, Pam. Don't colorful skies like this sometimes take your breath away? I know they do mine.

Thanks for coming by the Gypsy today! Glad you liked the post!
sage and spirit said…
Awesome photos! I especially love the crescent moon shots. And I admit....I never did outgrow looking for shapes in the clouds!
Beautiful clouds, sunrises and sunsets, Pam! Nature is the most beautiful subject and you have captured her beautifully. ♥
Sally said…
Oh my goodness, Pam, these are some beautiful photos! You're a great photographer and have so many talents.

Liz A. said…
Oooh, very pretty.
Oh wow! Gorgeous shots! Each one truly stunning! I enjoyed them all - thanks for sharing the beauty! xx Karen
Ann said…
Love the sky over Nashville no matter what time of day it is. I don't get many pictures of either sunrise or sunset. From my house it's not a great site and then most nights I'm asleep before the sun sets and most mornings I'm already at work when it comes up.
Musik For Life said…
Oh My God.. This Photos Bring Me Some Memories...

See My Blog to Yaa... :D
Darla M Sands said…
Amazing photos! You have an excellent eye. I saw a gorgeous full moon leaving the Avenged Sevenfold concert Monday evening. Folks were stopping for photographs, which was neat to see. With the smart phone I don't think my photographs turned out as well as they would have with my trusty Canon (however low level). I can hardly wait to get to my favorite place in the world for lots of autumn sunrises over the Atlantic. Be well!
Denise inVA said…
You have a great series of sky photos here Pam. I loved every one.
Sandra said…
you have many gorgeous sky pics here, and my frist ever cloud boob viewing. LOL.. and I love Mickey... and the x's. there is no way to tell a sunrise from a sunset unless you took the photo and know which is which, I love both...
Sharon Qualls said…
Pigs do fly, I guess! I don't see boobs, I see the Micheline man has floated across.
I especially liked your moon shot at night. I must have a thousand attempts at shooting the moon. Lovely sunrises and sunsets!
Debbie said…
Gorgeous skies!! I'm with you, I miss the sunrise but always get to see the sunset!! Your summer skies are exceptionally beautiful, it's nice that you have been seeing them!!
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, these are amazing pictures of the sunsets and sunrises. hahaha Yes, I see the clouds with the lady's figure, how funny. The sunrise peeking through the tree picture is beautiful. The one over Hermitage property with the fence is cool. And the night picture is mysterious and lovely. I see the sunrises more than the sunsets because I'm a morning person, but never took any pictures quite as extraordinary as these.


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