Lily and the Vet/ Animal Rocks

Be the person 
that feels the rain!

Speaking of rain....
wishing we would get some
just to cool us down a bit.

95 today with a feels like
of 102. 
Tomorrow 97 with a feels
of 110!

Yikes I have been staying in.
Lily is an indoor kitty and
Dakota goes out, does the business
and comes right back in. 

No redoing or spray painting
of anything today.
To hot to be out,
even on the deck with 
the fan on. 

Yesterday though I painted some

I am in the process of pulling
things together for a rental
booth to raise money for a 
local Pet Community.
This will be Oct. 13.

Right now I am working on 
painting the rocks.
Need to get my canvas out
and start some paintings.

Last night about 11:45
Lily went buck wild.
Feeling bad was over.
She jumped and played and
went wild. This lasted
about 20 mins or so.
Then I noticed her not jumping
up on the couch, but pulling herself
up on it. 
Really did not think much of
it, figured she was just 
working on trying to
sharpen her nails. 

At 3pm, Dakota wanted out.
I noticed that we were already down
stairs before Lily came along.
I usually lock the full glass
screen door and she usually
sits there till he is ready to come
in. When Dakota was there, I picked
up Lily and let him in. I carried
her upstairs. 
This morning I was woke
 by her meowing up a storm, 
crying. When we got downstairs
I noticed she was dragging her left
back leg, and not applying pressure 
on it. 

Called the vets office
where Dakota goes and my
daughter works. Amber don't work on
Sat. I called right when they opened
and left a message. Amber called and 
I told her I was waiting to here back.

About 10 mins later Amber calls
back and tells me that Lily has
an apt at 10. They get so busy
on Sat. that Amber called to be sure
they got Lily in today.

Lily sitting in my arms at the 
vets office. She was being so
calm and good. She was not moving
cause she was in pain.

Doc looking her over.

They took her downstairs for x-rays. 

Yay...not a break or fracture.
Just a sprain.
Pain meds today and the 
next 2 days. Keep her still
for a week....

thank goodness the pain meds
keep her drugged so that is keeping
her still.


I asked Amber the other day
what she wanted for Christmas...
yep, starting early. 
She told me she really needed some
dishes. When she was moving in the 
box of dishes she had got dropped....

Told me nothing with flowers, plain
white would be great.
I check on line and then at Walmart.
Corelle dishes sale for 3.32 each.
She only needs dishes. 
I mentioned this to mom and she
told me to wait before getting any.

Apparently Kroger has Corelle dishes
on sale for 1.99 each. 
Great buy. 

Oh and I failed to mention that Will, the 
boyfriend has 4 boys (5 of them)
and Amber has 3 boys (4 of them)
so I am getting 12 dishes for her.

She also mentioned she wanted a 
griddle....a large one.
Mom found one at Kohl's
and with her 15% off coupon, I 
got that for a tad over 18 bucks. 

Getting Amber done!
HAHA...for the boys...
all seven of them, they will get
gift cards to Game Stop!

Sorry for such a long post.
Thanks for stopping in, 


Oh goodness, Pam, I'm so sorry little Lily has a sprain. I hope she will continue to get better as each day passes. You have painted some really cute rocks! It's so hot here as well, but we did get a storm this evening that dropped our temperatures 20 degrees! We've had those same over 100 heat indexes! Hopefully you will get rain soon. ♥
Mildred said…
I am so happy Lily is going to be ok. How frightening. She is so precious.
Your rocks are cute as can be! You are talented.
Good for you beginning on your Christmas shopping!
Ann said…
Oh poor Lily. Hope she's better soon. It's hard when they are young to keep animals from doing things they shouldn't when they are sick so yes, those meds would be very helpful :)
My daughter sent me a text reminding me how many shopping days were left till Christmas.
Sandra said…
with that many people oh wow does she need dishes... the rocks are so cute, good luck with the fund raiser.. so sorry Lily has a sprain, in people they are more painful than breaks, and we can't tell a pet to be careful. hope it heals quickly
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so relieved that Lilly will be fine. Had me worried. My Tilly seems to be feeling great, if still making a mess with litter dirtied wet paws. ~sigh~ Thanks for your concern. It's a little struggle administering the liquid med. Neither of us likes it. Oh, and I like those painted rocks. Your title 'Animal Rocks' had me thinking you meant that animals *rock* (which they do, of course). ~snicker~ I enjoy reading about your family, too. They are lucky to have you.
Sally said…
Glad you could get Lily to the vet! Hopefully, she'll be right as rain soon.

Oh, yes Christmas. So far, I've only gotten one and I hope I remember where it is when the time comes. LOL

Beautiful painted rocks, Pam. And, such a nice thing for you to do.

Robert Bennett said…
You scared me. I'm so glad Lily is ok.
Liz A. said…
My roommate's dog is having issues with her back leg as well. I hope Lily heals up soon.

Speaking of the roommate... She and her friend are heading out your way in mid-August. What sorts of fun things are happening in the area then? They're planning their itinerary and would love suggestions.

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