Tiger Lily - Lily for Short

Happy Fathers Day to all the 
dads out there.

This is my dad and I .....and
my younger brother Mark
photo bombing before it
was a thing!

If you still have your
dad, give a big hug
today. I don't have
mine to do that for. 

I would like for you to meet
Tiger Lily
and just Lily for

Dakota spent the first 9 yrs of his 
life going to my moms 
everyday and playing all day 
long with her dogs. 
When I retired in July his world 
was turned upside down,
 then Caleb moved in, Amber 
moved in, they both moved 
out, just recently we have been 
able to figure out what retirement 
is all about. I take him to moms 
twice a week but he has gotten 
so bad about sticking to me even 
over there, so much so he will 
not play. If I leave him over there 
he gets mad and pees on 
moms house. He has been looking 
depressed and acting like 
a grumpy old man. So...I debated 
for months on what to do. 
Thought about another dog, female, 
but decided against that 
cause I really did not want 
another dog. I am way to attached 
to him. Mom suggested a cat 
cause I fell in love with Zuzu
 (Mark and Kims cat) and they 
are easier to care for. So
 I debated over that thinking that 
I never thought I would
 have or even want a cat. Then I 
started thinking more about
 it. Dakota needed something to 
keep him on his toes and I
 figured starting with a kitty would 
be best. The woman at
 Country K9 Rescue told me 
she had an older dog 
and she got him a kitten and they 
did great together....
I am hoping for the same. 
As adorable as Lily 
is I am 
making it a point to be sure that I
 don't make over 
her more then him. He is still my 
bud. Anyway, I am
 excited to welcome the new 
addition to our home. 
So far Dakota has done well, 
cleaned an ear, licked 
her but it will be a long time 
before I leave them
 in a room together without 
me being there!!


Ann said…
I forgot about it being father's day. My dad has been gone for many years.
Lily is so cute. I've wanted to get a cat.
Darla M Sands said…
Congratulations on your new addition! I hope all goes swimmingly. They are both adorable.
Red Rose Alley said…
Love this picture of you and your brother and dad, Pam. I laughed when you said "photo bombing." I lost my dad many years ago also, and I was only 28.

Hello Tiger Lily. Nice to meet you. : )

Robert Bennett said…
What an absolutely cutie! Reminds me of my old kitty 'Tiger'. Reincarnation? You decide.

That aside, I totally forgot it was Father's Day. I need to make a call. :/
Denise inVA said…
They seem to be getting on really well but I agree about not leaving them alone for a while. Sweet photos Pam :)
Liz A. said…
Aw. Dakota now has a small friend.
Father's day is indeed a special day. And so is Lily, what a cutie.
Rhodesia said…
I am sure they will become great buddies but you are right, leaving them alone is not a good idea until they know each other much better. Good luck. Diane
Jeanie said…
Wonderful photo of you and your dad -- and what a sweet cat!

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