This and That....and Everything

When I was about 12 I started babysitting.
I used to babysit this little girl, started
when she was 3 months old and around
3 yrs they moved about 45 mins away.
I used to drive to pick her up and bring
her home with me for a week. Mom
would watch her when I worked then
her and I would hang out at night. 

She is married with grown kids of
her own now. I keep up with her
on Facebook now.

Around the same time I was
sitting with Wendy I was
also sitting with Lynn,
Brian and Jonathan.
Jonathan was the youngest
at five yrs old. 

I sat with them a lot of the
time. Mom married and they
moved away and I lost
contact with them.

I tried to locate them years ago 
with no luck. But the other day
my mom asked me about them and
she started a search. My mom missed
her calling, she should have been
a detective! She called
me the other night and told 
me she had located a Jonathan
in the area that we thought they
were in. Had a phone number
too. I called and left a message.
A woman called me back.
She was Jonathan's ex wife.

She gave him my phone number and
he contacted me via text.
We had a long conversation and
he said he would pass my
number to his sister and brother.

He sent me this and asked
it they looked familiar.
NO....they all grew up on me.
He was five when I set with him and
he is now 48. Crazy huh?

That would be Jonathan with the tie.
Lynn of course is the woman and
she works in a hospital (mom 
was a nurse) and Brian and
he is a surgeon. 

I love life! 

Got a text from Kelley my stylist the other day.
Thanking me for the painting. Here is a pic
she sent me with it hanging at her station.

Night before last I had a rough night,
could not sleep. I laid down around
7am and did sleep till 9. 

What do you do when you can't 
you draw.

So at 5 am yesterday morning
Dakota and I were on the 
deck enjoying this view.
The sun coming up.

Ran across this on pinterest.
I love this idea. So neat.
And I love that headboard 
for sure.

Found this also.
Too neat.

The day before I did my 
ride around, last Friday
I got out and just drove
down the road to my
fav lane. It is a narrow 
road but it is shaded with 
awesome tress and no 
traffic. What few houses
there is they are up away from 
the road in the trees. 
Just driving down this
lane makes me so happy.
So I drove to one end, 
turned around and came 
right back up that lane

Isn't it beautiful. 

I love different techniques 
being used on walls esp
shiplap but the rock wall
is calling to me also.
Isn't that too cool.

My mom had some painting
done at her home so for a couple
of days I went over to clean and 
help put things back together.
I cleaned all the furniture, the rail
and the globe light over the 
dinning room table. 

Dust really gets caught in 
the grooves of the S shape
rail. The dinning room and 
living room is all clean so all
she has to do now is put things
back on the wall and things
back in the china cabinet.

I saw this on FB.
Pretty neat.
Take a read and let me know
what you think!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit, 


Sandra said…
I love the gate, I love the tea kettle over the fire, I love the photos of you kids you baby sat. and I love the internet which allows us to find and share these things. I love being a detective on line like your mother and if I were young that is what I would do..
I did read all the last thing about cats out loud without mistake and I wondered when I got to fart what that meant but found out when I read the 3rd word. cute and I liked it...
Rhodesia said…
Love your memories and wonderful that you managed to get in touch.
When I can't sleep, which is often, I sneak quietly out of the bedroom so as not to disturb my husband, make a cup of herbal tea, and read until (I hope) I cannot keep my eyes open long enough to read anymore.
Take care Diane
That's neat you were able to find the kids you used to babysit, Pam. I used to do the same and have no idea how they are doing! I'm sorry you are having sleep problems--I do as well, but I'm not an artist like you--I like that you are creative in those times. The fence gate is charming. Have a great day. ♥
This was a fun post and I had lots of interesting comments...until I got to the end. Now I'm laughing so hard...I forgot what I was going to say! hahahaha! Hugs!
S. J. Qualls said…
I like the headboard gate!
Ann Thompson said…
How fun to reconnect with people from the past. Love the look of that bathroom and the headboard gate is a cool idea
Liz A. said…
So many great ideas. And totally cool to catch up with people you haven't seen in years.
Jeanie said…
Lots to love in this fun post but mostly it reminded me of the baby I sat for in high school -- who just turned 50 and is a doctor.

I felt old!

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