Rompers? Really, And More

Okay.....just gotta ask you
ladies that visit me here
Life Through My Eyes...

Would you want your man
wearing this?

Or better yet, do you
wish to see your guy
in lace shorts?

I would not want to see 
man in these!

Went to lunch with my
bestie of
36 years at
Famous Daves today.

This was standing out front...
cute made with bottle

maybe for a lodge but
not my home.

I had some beef brisket and
broccoli. Brought over
1/2 of it home for later. 

Then we ventured off
the Bed, Bath and Beyond.
They always have some 
different gadgets!

My son would love this.
A remote control 
Star Wars ship!

Saw some cool TN state boards
for corn hole. 
I want some for the 
backyard but I think one
day I will get around to 
making some.

for those that have issues
seeing to pluck the ole
eye brows!
I laugh but this is my
next step up.
I use 15 now.

Really just thought this
was pretty. I have never
been one for decorating with 
red but I am leaning that 
way lately.

A gadget!
Wonder if it works?

For those following me, I 
live in TN. Been here since
I was about 6 making that 
50 yrs. I love Nashville.
For those that don't know,
our Hockey Team the Preds
are playing for the Stanley Cup!
Last night this is what downtown
Nashville looked like for all that
wanted to turn out to 
support their team!

We are a supporting city.

My daughter went by
Fred's yesterday, where her
son, my oldest grandchild has
a job. Wow...Caleb is working.

That is my youngest grandson 
standing next to Caleb.

Braden needed a hair cut so
his mom went at it.

Oh my....but since school is out,
why not. She got a little off and
uneven but Braden loves it.
Silly boys!

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sharing this cause I thought it was cute!


Al said…
As a guy, I wouldn't wear any of those things - I favor t-shirts and jeans/shorts. Good luck to your hockey team, I used to follow hockey but haven't in years.
S. J. Qualls said…
Call me silly, but I would prefer to see the rompers than the hairy butt cracks!
Lace shorts and/or shirts for guys? No. Just no.

You didn't get the rain today?
Sally said…

no no no on romper and lace shorts! I know NO man who would wear those. LOL

Your grandsons are precious, and it wouldn't surprise me at any time that my granddaughter would do a haircut like that on Jase!

Some turnout, wow! Now that's support. :)
Darla M Sands said…
Rompers are all the rage with crybaby snowflakes living in mama's basement, I hear. I prefer my men in leather and suede or plain old cotton (and write them that way!). Best wishes to sports fans risking terror attacks. I hate pro games these days, myself, preferring my own company to the herd. ~grin~ Be well!
Ann said…
Oh heavens no. If my husband ever put on either a romper or lace shorts he wouldn't be going anywhere with me. Then again if he ever put either of those on I would know he was suffering some kind of mental breakdown.
Sandra said…
I like to see things made from trash, like the bottle tops. keeps them out of the landfill... no to rompers on men and a big NO to lace shorts on men or women. the mens shirts are lace to, I saw the whole photo on TV.. lace is big in womens fashion right now and I don't like lace
Jeanie said…
I don't get today's fashions -- but then I've never been a trendsetter in style!
Betsy Adams said…
Yes--you are very OUTSTANDING, Pam... ha ha

Go Preds.... Hope they win tonight.... That will tie it up!!!! I love my sports teams but would never stand outside in that crowd.... Yipes...

NO NO NO---I don't want any men in my life wearing that crap.... GADS.... I'm still trying to adjust to men wearing 'untucked' dress shirts..... ha


Debbie said…
hehehehe - no rompers, no lace shorts and definitely no man buns!!

this was a great post!!!
Liz A. said…
I did see something about rompers someplace else. Eeek. But I got used to those kilt-like skirts, so I could get used to anything.
Rhodesia said…
My goodness if my husband came home with any of that clothes I would disown him !! Love the bottle top man. Have a good day Diane

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