Protein and Fun Out and About

I had heard when working at the
school that jerky was great for
protein. So in line at
Wally World yesterday I saw
some and decided to check it out.

Yep, great in protein, low calories and fat.
Just wished it was easier to chew!

Check out my bud that was hanging with
me on the deck this morning as I was
checking blogs.

He will sit with me on the glider but he loves
his chair. There are two like this one but this
is the one he goes to.

Every wonder when you see license plates what
they were thinking, what they meant, or what
it means when you read a different one?
LOL....I used to see a lot of neat ones.
And I used to keep a file on FB of all the
different ones I saw. I deleted it a few
years ago.

Just wondering about this one.

What are your thoughts?

I took a walk around the yard today. I love my walks

Isn't it so pretty?

Not thinking this is going to be a good
year for my flowers. Not a bunch of

In my garden and around my yard there
are a lot of little fun things.

Before I started painting my travel rocks I
was painting rocks for fun.

I did this one for the garden.

And this one.

This little critter for the garden.

This is also in my garden.

This other one is in the yard
by the sidewalk.

I added this little piece this yr.

Even my garden needs luck don' t you think?
I picked this up at the farm where Misfire lives.

The baby bed spring is one of my fav pieces...
I use it as a trellis!

Driftwood is always cool in the garden.

This rock was one I picked up a few yrs ago
for the garden.

Course I love rust! Rust in the garden is awesome.
An old grill piece and a J from Hobby Lobby
(J is for Jackson)...

Another fav piece - my welded wild flower. It was
fun making this.

Another fun piece.
My brother found this on one of his
ventures around the neighborhood. I loved
it when he put it in the yard sale. I had to
have it. Since then I have welded some to
it so that it would stand out more.
Plus it had an issue being top heavy
so I added a metal bar to the bottom so
that I could drive that into the ground. Helped
a lot, stands fine now.

Great find today....another bloom!

My one and only gnome.

This horse shoe was found in my creek. Washed
down with a storm.

A friend of my moms gave me this.

Haha....this moss covered piece was something
I used to keep on the deck. I painted  tic
tac toe lines on it and I had small rocks painted
in red and blue. The rocks are somewhere in the
yard ;and this was placed by the deck to grow

Ooops.....hard to see in the below pic but this is my
vine painted in the crack of the sidewalk.
Hey....I will paint anything.

Just over look the toes!

A dollar store buy and a sign I made
for the shed.

More dollar store buys.

My sun is looking a bit gloom today!

Like I said...I love rust!

And I have been asked how
the finger is doing.
Last week when that spot
was removed I had a
crater in my finger and
look how well it is now.

Thanks for coming by and leaving
a comment,


I'm Nana to all of my Grandkids too! Love the rocks you painted and that big piece of driftwood is neat. Have no idea about the plate on the car...I'll ask hubby later! heehee! Enjoy your evening! Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Glad your finger has healed so nicely. Your flowers are looking good and I love your yard decor items. Your painted rocks are fun. My husband loves beef jerky but the sodium content is too high for him. Have you ever tried making your own? That might be fun.
Hope you and your little companion have a good night.
Liz A. said…
Sometimes it's an inside joke. I have a feeling that's what the license plate is. I did see the vine on the crack in the sidewalk before reading the words. Nice upcycle of a crack in the sidewalk.
Rue said…
I'm so glad your finger is better!

Loved all your yard art :)

As far as the license plate... My mind went straight to the gutter, so I won't say what I think it means LOL!

You have some really neat pieces in your garden, Pam. Your little dog reminds of a rat terrier our son used to have. He was the best dog ever! Glad to see your finger is healing well. I'm not a fan of beef jerky, but our son and grands love it. Have a great weekend. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
How creative! Glad the finger is better. As for jerky, not all is tough to chew. Also know that Jimmy Dean sells frozen breakfast sandwiches called de-lights that are really high in protein. I like the egg white with turkey sausage (very mild) and an American cheese slice on an English muffin. Ninety seconds to thaw, 65 seconds to heat on high, and I have breakfast that will easily float me to lunchtime. Don't know if it would be on your dietary list, though, so hope I'm tempting you for nothing. Be well! Give Dakota a kiss for me.
Jeanie said…
I think I need some jerkey! And good news on the finger.

thanks so much for all your recent comments. I think you and I have the same craft supply problem -- too many interests! Paint, collage, little bits of findings... it does make it hard to sort!
Sally said…
I like the things in your garden, Pam, especially your painted rocks. You remind me so much of another friend who is creative like you!

Your little dog looks so cute! :)

Sally said…
I'm back, yes I'm glad also your finger is getting better. And, I love the idea of a trellis using springs. :)
Ann Thompson said…
I like jerky but like you said, wish it was easier to chew.
Your yard looks fun with all the assorted decorations.
Rhodesia said…
In South Africa dried meat is called biltong, I love it, but although similar it is somehow not the same as jerky.
Your garden is looking fabulous. Keep well Diane
Debbie said…
i LOVE that sign!!! we were away, briefly and i brought home some rocks!!!!

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