Yesterdays Ride Around

Over the weekend was the 
auction for Cash. 
The little boy fighting
cancer. My friend Debbie
went to East Tn., making
sure the painting got there
for the auction. 
Debbie's cousin is
Cash's grandma. 

Anyway, Debbie was not sure
what the painting brought
in but there was a woman
that was really wanting it.
She ended up with the winning
bid. She got the painting
for he sister who is going
through some major
health issues. I am happy
that someone like that
had the winning bid.

Yesterday I went on a ride around... term. 
Anyway, I was heading to my nieces
place and I grabbed my camera
so that I could go riding after
my visit. 

On Facebook I have an album 
for mailboxes. 
Usual mailboxes showing

Here are a few I got yesterday.

I started that album in 2009
and I have some pretty cool

I also have an album for
That album I started in 2012.

I stopped and took a pic on 
one of my back roads travels
of this church. My gut tells me
it is an older church but I could
not locate anything that
told the year it was est. 

Name - Salem Church of Christ.

This one could stand a good amount
of paint. 
This one did have a est. sign 
on the front of the church.
Est. in 1801.

Spring Creek Presbyterian 

In my riding around, just
taking back roads I ended
up in Norene Tn.
I saw this place and realized
that I have been on this back road
before. A friend of mine and 
me used to go back road riding
in his vet and we ended up here.

I love this little Post Office.

Tiny little place! 
I will post more pics later.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit, 


S. J. Qualls said…
That stone mail box is quite impressive!
Ann Thompson said…
I've been wanting to start a collection of church photos but have never gotten around to starting it
Mildred said…
So happy your sweet painting went to a good home for a great cause.
I enjoy the mailboxes and churches and that tiny p.o.
Debbie said…
awesome news that the painting went to the woman who really wanted it. that it will brighten someone's day so immensely!!

i love a good ride in the car. that was a good one!!!
Betsy Adams said…
At one time I thought about starting a mailbox collection... It never happened --but I do have several things I either collect or want to. The one thing I do collect is different waterfalls all over the country. We probably have seen more than 1500 so far... There are still tons more to see!!! I love your old church pictures... I also have a collection of old churches.

I have a small collection of lighthouses --but need to travel more on the coastal areas to get more... I also have an interest in courthouses.... Every time we travel through a state (like Georgia) ---we always take the back roads instead of the interstates. When we go through the little towns, many of them have county courthouses... SO pretty....

Rhodesia said…
Glad your painting went to a good home. Love those mail boxes. Diane
Sandra said…
love the churches, the older the better.. and that tiny post office is adorable. we got our mail from one just like it in Sloans Valley KY many moons ago.. so glad he angel found a good home and is now sharing her love with someone who needs her and that money was raised for Cash
Liz A. said…
Oooh, cool mailboxes. We don't have any cool mailboxes around here. None. Not a one. Now I'm sad about that.

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