No Trespassing / Soliciting

A few months ago I 
was looking for a 
no soliciting 
sign to paint for 
the porch. 

I settled on just 
"No Soliciting"
but I did find some really
good ones and I thought
I would share today.

this one

This one is cute also.

Its all about the dogs!

I would be up for the 
laundry getting done.

Now this one is not really
about soliciting but
it reminds me of the 
Wizard of Oz 
a bit.

Saw this on Pinterest also...
Yep, I like this!

Anyone following the Preds
(Nashville's Hockey team)
knows that it continues
cause they won last night.

Then our Mayor sent
this out!

HAHA yep, only in Tennessee. 

Decided on the spur of the
moment last night that
the hair needed to go. 
Losing it by the handfuls
right now and felt
it would be better if it 
was shorter.

I love it longer cause I
can just pull it back but
then again why wear it longer
if you never wear it down.

This is what I wanted. 

And this is it.
This is shorter
in the back then in the 
pic but wearing it longer
my hair turns up...

Told my stylist that I needed
a new hair style to 
go with the new body!

Oh....which is now 
57 lbs...

One more Solicitors sign
before I let you go...
Decided I will paint this
one for my son.
He is into the Zombies
so I figure this would be
cool hanging on his
front porch in California!

No one out there will think
this odd!

Thanks for stopping in, 


S. J. Qualls said…
I have no bell. I never hear a knock, for some reason people think they have to tap softly, because I am ill. I need a sign, I guess. The two dogs sound like the hounds from hell when someone knocks (taps).

Might be good. "Warning! If you wake the dogs, run like hell!"
Darla M Sands said…
Cool signs. And I love the hair! Be well, my dear.
Sandra said…
I need some of those solicitor eaters.. we don't have a sign, but do have the dog that barks like crazy if anyone walks in front of the window even before the knock that sends him into a frenzy... these signs are really cute.. I like them all and I love short hair, mine is very similar to your new look but much shorter on the sides.
Sally said…
Your hair looks lovely! I really like it.

I need the no soliciting sign about the nuts who live here. :)

Liz A. said…
Ahem. What, exactly are you implying about us Californians?
Rhodesia said…
Love the signs and your hair looks great. It makes you look so much younger. Take care Diane
Robert Bennett said…
Absolutely love the signs. Although it is messed up when you think most of them equate to 'I desire your death for coming to my home.' XD
Ann Thompson said…
Love all the signs. The new do looks awesome. I always used to keep my long but the older I got the stingier it looked. Now I keep it on the shorter side
Al said…
Those signs are classic - the sleeping dogs ones resemble my house.
Debbie said…
funny, funny signs and i love your hair!!!!

funny you should say that about long hair. everyone thinks long hair is a must but most people with long hair, wear it in a pony tail anyway. so it doesn't look long mother-in-law always asks me "did you want it that short??" hers is long but she never wears in down, so i have no idea what it even looks like!!!!
Mildred said…
Very cute hair cut and congrats on the weight loss.
These signs are great. We recently bought a self adhesive NS sign for our mailbox - of course, nobody pays attention! lol We do have a KILLER chihuahua that alerts us when anyone gets near! lol

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