Mid Century Modern Cat Home

Hello Blogging friends.
You have met my younger
brother via my blog.
He has the most unique

So let me show you
what he has been 
up too..

Chipotle catered my nieces
college graduation party
and with that said, my brother
does not throw anything out.

The Chipotle box becomes
a Mid Century Modern 
Cat Home.

You can't see it but he has
Zuzu's name on the top.
Mark said Zu loves the house
but he thinks he will add carpet.

This is Zuzu when she was a few
days old and my brother found
her under the shed.

And this is Zu recently.

A few months ago my sis in law
brought home

Zuzu still is not crazy about 
another cat living in her

Looks like Zu is about to
pounce out of that basket
right on Becky!

all photos taken by my sis in law

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann said…
I can relate to not throwing things out. I have a hard time with that sometimes. You never know when you could use things in a craft project.
Hope Zuzu and Becky warm up to each other and become fast friends
Sandra said…
I enjoyed your cats-in-law story and that box is quite creative.. you could paint some flower son it, or can he paint like you do? sweet kitties
Darla M Sands said…
Best wishes to them on a peaceful home. They're very pretty kitties. Be well!
Sally said…
Your brother is indeed intelligent to come up with an idea like that. :)

Al said…
What cuties - I love cats!
Rhodesia said…
My husband is allergic to short haired cats so we just do not have any. So many farm cats around this area though that I think they would not have a happy home!Take care Diane
Mildred said…
Love the house and I hope the kitties adjust to one another.

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